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DarliinggAR January 30th, 2019 6:48am

Would you rather.. be rich, have everything you could possible ever want and or achieve but single while doing it! Or have the love no one thought was real, a soul mate. Whom is forever with you never hurting you: but you’re struggling & workin

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KudosToYou California
01/31/19 7:06 pm

I’m saying money for now as a soulmate is pretty hard to imagine.

HtheC South Florida
01/30/19 3:03 am

I'll take the money, being broke and in love is foolish love, it's a disservice to you and the person you love.

Jerbehr queens
01/30/19 12:45 am

I’m shocked that I’m one of the only people to choose $. Didn’t take a second thought. I would need children for that decision though

01/30/19 12:22 am

You can do anything that this world has to offer but if you haven't loved you haven't really lived and you have nothing. In the end your stuff will not be there for you but the people you love will be there until your last breath.

CrazDab Florida
01/30/19 12:01 am

I’d make love a sandwich. Because if you won’t make love a sandwich, it’s not love 👬