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MrMilkdud January 30th, 2019 3:48am

Do you recognize the Wilhelm Scream when you hear it?

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jakob1005 Virginia
01/31/19 1:31 pm

I hate that it is used so much.

theNobamist straight lives matter
01/30/19 2:18 am

I recognize Howard Dean's scream.

buffaloman Team Trump
01/30/19 1:33 am

My wife, kids, and I are always on the lookout for it in movies. We each try to be the first one to notice it and tell the others (usually with a look or poke in the theater).

Jerbehr queens
01/29/19 10:56 pm

After I looked it up and found out the name yes

01/29/19 10:54 pm

All things concerned by an a lack committee. To a douche bag

EarlyBird Portland
01/29/19 9:01 pm

I had to google and listen to it. Now I can’t un hear it.

EarlyBird Portland
01/29/19 9:02 pm

I might add, it’s not a very manly scream.

01/29/19 8:57 pm

Meehhh . Paint that fucker

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
01/29/19 8:51 pm

Yeah it’s pretty distinct from other screams to me

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
01/30/19 3:35 am

Recorded by one of the greatest singers of all time. Sheb Woolley- Purple People Eater