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Cooper831 January 30th, 2019 3:09am

Would you ever legitimately consider homesteading (i.e. living away from modern society and being entirely self sufficient)?

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Suzan Hawaii
02/11/19 10:43 pm

People I know who live off the grid Say that it is not what it is cracked up to be

IEatzCookies Alderaan
02/02/19 3:45 pm

fuck yeah if I knew what I was doing, myselfreliance is a great YouTube channel

BadGalSavv Euphoria
02/01/19 5:18 pm

If it was as easy as it is in my video games then yes 🤓

KudosToYou California
01/31/19 7:15 pm

In an ideal world I’d have a homestead, but I’d hire a farm manager and maybe a few hands to take care of most things.

Sure I’d participate but it’s more work than I’m willing to put in and knowing next to nothing about it I’d rather prioritize learning other things.

01/31/19 8:17 am

I would actually love to, people exhaust me. As long as I can get my meds it’s all good.

01/31/19 2:12 pm

It does
Sounds very peaceful

ladyniner81 I hate people
01/31/19 6:53 am

I'm too lazy, I hate gardening. I'd be dead in a week. I'd be peppering someone with questions like crazy. Driving them nuts lol.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/30/19 2:27 pm

On Mars? Maybe for a few years. Never long-term though.

outlaw393 Atheist
01/30/19 12:08 pm

I've wanted to live like a hillbilly just for a short time to see what it's like, and to drop off the grid for a while.

cowboy Dawns Highway
01/30/19 10:50 am

Absolutely. People the fucking worst

cowboy Dawns Highway
01/30/19 10:50 am

*are the...

mnct Ohio, USA
01/30/19 7:46 am

I'd definitely think about it before concluding that I'm way too lazy

01/30/19 6:22 am

Too old at this point but would have considered it.

phalnx Ohio
01/30/19 6:11 am

No Internet?! Count me the hell would I play World Of Tanks?!

Cooper831 Wisconsin
01/30/19 7:18 am

You could use real tanks.

FrankLuntz Fredericksburg, VA
01/30/19 5:46 am

Yes, that’s my retirement plan.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/30/19 5:39 am

Homesteading seems a nice fantasy, but I appreciate amenities, and the mo’ the betta!

Cooper831 Wisconsin
01/30/19 7:19 am

Yes, I'd like to think I could do it but I'm too accustomed to my creature comforts.

mrscheisskopf2 Kentucky
01/30/19 4:32 am

I’d love to in Montana or southeast Alaska/BC

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/30/19 2:03 am

Isn't this the "green" thing to do? Why don't Dems like this idea?

Cooper831 Wisconsin
01/30/19 7:19 am

Found it interesting that the highest vote for yes came from libertarians.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/30/19 2:31 pm

When "libertarian" and "homesteading" stir together in my mind, I hear "Uh oh... watch out for the next Waco!" Maybe I'm overreacting.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
01/30/19 1:34 am

Yes. Stepping away to learn the rhythm of nature would be very beneficial and fulfilling. In some ways, I do envy my ancestors, but then I think about how hard it must've been just to keep clean, find food and water, and just be comfortable.

Cooper831 Wisconsin
01/30/19 7:20 am

Depending on where you live, that's actually very realistic in this weather...

01/30/19 12:43 am

I'd be dead by Thursday.

leilu SoCal
01/29/19 11:26 pm

I have a bunch of books and have done a little urban homesteading. I'd love to be self-sufficient but still maintain proximity to civilization.

Cooper831 Wisconsin
01/30/19 7:20 am

Curious what urban homesteading entails?

leilu SoCal
01/30/19 7:40 am

I have fruit, nut, and olive trees, medicinal plants as well as an herb and vegetable garden. I plant everything with purpose to attract bees, keep away pests, or to use in my kitchen or medicine cabinet.

I'd like to have a bee hive, a few chickens for eggs, and a few bunnies to breed for meat. We're not at that point yet.

Vesta Cleveland Ohio
01/29/19 10:49 pm

It would require a healthy strong body and I’m too old now. When I was younger I would have been very excited at the prospect. One of my favorite daydreams is living in a cabin up in the mountains but I’m scared of bears.

Celadonne ballfield
01/29/19 10:29 pm


Celadonne ballfield
01/29/19 10:32 pm

hub would never go for it tho. 😣

snagglepuss Story Time
01/29/19 9:57 pm

No. I like shopping and dining out.

Radon Parts Unknown
01/29/19 9:24 pm

If only I could find a girl willing to do it.

Major problem with that plan though is paying property taxes.

Carolynn new jersey
01/29/19 8:49 pm

Homesteading has been a dream of mine for several years. Maybe not to the extreme of living far away from society, but just to live more self sufficiently. I just bought a beautiful home with 6 acres about three months ago. I’m going to start my vegetable and fruit garden in March. I’ll get some chickens in April. It’s not off-grid, but we have our own well water and septic systems. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

xxxceo Nationalist
01/29/19 8:42 pm

Does a house boat count?

FallingStar Oregon
01/29/19 8:24 pm

My husband and I have already talked about how we’d like to take 100 acres and be self-sufficient. But not away from society necessarily.

UniversePlan Michigan
01/29/19 8:22 pm

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