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SecurityRisk January 30th, 2019 2:34am

Which of these two types of poll questions, on SOH, are the worst?

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Crispy899 America
01/30/19 1:30 pm

There’s no point in a poll where both answers are the same, or you clearly make someone evil for one choice

ScenarioNations California
01/29/19 10:02 pm

Loaded. Long winded questions are where I either skip, skim, or read the question at the bottom. Loaded questions are just annoying.

Think Lovin Life
01/30/19 5:04 am

SN ... do you need a tissue?

NemoDude Dead, at this point
01/30/19 5:47 am

I think that SN has a valid complaint, Think.

Crispy899 America
01/30/19 1:29 pm

Tissue it kinda dramatic

Think Lovin Life
01/30/19 1:34 pm

Pepsi ... the notion that any snowflake would be “annoyed” by a question is laughably childish. Who is forcing you, or any of your wilted friends here, to answer any SOH questions?

ScenarioNations California
01/30/19 1:47 pm

Says the guy who's annoyed at people using the wrong pronoun 😂😂😂

Think Lovin Life
01/30/19 1:49 pm

SN ... you’re hallucinating again.

ScenarioNations California
01/30/19 1:52 pm

For a guy named think you sure know how to over think

Think Lovin Life
01/30/19 1:56 pm

SN ... I get that you were feebly attempting to make a point and that you simply can’t admit or accept when you’ve failed. Please continue to dig that hole!!!