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BriDads January 30th, 2019 1:49am

Should Illegal aliens be required to learn English in order to become a resident in the United States?

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John1 Florida
01/31/19 12:26 am

I always hear the same argument that America doesn’t have an official language. It does, however, have a national language; which is English.

Here’s another fact, out of the 50 states, 30 have made English their official language.

The English language isn’t racist. It’s what we speak here in America. If you want to come here, you need to speak to where we can understand you and you can understand us.

Language is really one of the few things that holds a nation together.

apparition Tacoma
01/30/19 7:37 pm

“tHe uNiTeD sTaTeS hAs nO ofFiCial LaNgauGe!!!1”

-white leftists that can only speak one language

And to answer your question, no. Illegal aliens go to the back of the line for cutting in front of the legal immigrants.

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
01/30/19 7:51 pm

Yea if you cut in the lunch line in school, you got raped in the stall. The United States is much less harsher than students.

Moral of the story: This whole issue isn’t racist. It’s about how illegals ignore rules and principles because they feel they have a sense of entitlement and a right to enter the country without going through the standard process because they have some kind of a “higher priority” than other immigrants which is prejudice and selfish. It isn’t fair for immigrants trying to enter legally to be pushed away due to illegal immigrants getting more priority over them. Wall will be effective, if it doesn’t, then the public will see it and will make trump less popular among voters, including conservatives. And isn’t that what the left wants? To have Trump fail? If it’s so ineffective then why not let him fail? It’s because they know it will be effective but they can’t tolerate Trump getting credit for something.

shiculka transvaccinated
01/30/19 8:27 am

I would assume. How else they gonna pass required English and civics tests?

rons Thanks America
01/30/19 6:32 am

Illegal should be sent home.

Think Lovin Life
01/30/19 10:29 am

Exactly! And if and on if they self-deport are they ever consider for the opportunity to return. No illegal should EVER. Be eligible to be a citizen, the best they should be a leader to hope for is to be a permanent resident, never eligible for any assistance.

If you want ANY of those benefits, then leave now, and re-enter legally.

voc I am...what I am
01/30/19 6:23 am

While that would be nice, we wouldn’t be the land of the free if we forced citizens to learn English.

rons Thanks America
01/30/19 6:33 am

Illegals get citizenship?

voc I am...what I am
01/30/19 6:35 am

They can if they apply for asylum.

rons Thanks America
01/30/19 6:36 am

Huh, get citizenships? They can get a visa but the will still be llegal.

voc I am...what I am
01/30/19 6:37 am

Then they can apply for citizenship. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve never been illegal.

rons Thanks America
01/30/19 6:40 am

If it so easy why are there 11 million illegals? Let the whole world in and have a mass citizenship party! Better yet claim the whole world are American citizens all at once.

rons Thanks America
01/30/19 6:48 am

You are not trying hard enough!

voc I am...what I am
01/30/19 6:55 am

Lol! Never said it was easy. I was just answering the question.

Think Lovin Life
01/30/19 10:31 am

Ron ... the current estimate is 22 million illegals. Not one of them should EVER be eligible for citizenship OR any government assistance.

Illegals should self-deport and apply for legal status if they EVER want citizenship.

01/30/19 2:56 am

How could this be enforced on people that do not have legal documentation to be here?

Think Lovin Life
01/30/19 10:32 am

Az .. illegal aliens have NO right to be here.

01/30/19 8:51 pm

I’m asking how to enforce something onto people who are hiding from the government.

lorraineruth Bozeman
01/30/19 2:48 am

Some English would be beneficial. I don't think you need to be totally fluent though.

Calvinist Amsterdam NL
01/30/19 2:47 am

No, they should be deported .

01/29/19 11:37 pm

I do not think they have to learn English, you know free countrie and all but I do think the basic knowledge of English (the majority speaking language in the USA) is important to get by in America.

Think Lovin Life
01/30/19 10:33 am

Local ... you realize that you’re not helping legal immigrants with that pathetic position, right?

Ssfiddler1 TheTrumpBarber
01/29/19 10:17 pm

Most definitely I’d love to learn Spanish but why should a American citizen not be able to speak our primary language when they can only benefit from it?

Xemanis Lawful Good
01/29/19 10:15 pm

Illegals shouldn't be able to become citizens ever. For anyone wanting to come here they should learn English.

Xemanis Lawful Good
01/29/19 10:15 pm

Rather, they should have to learn English.

TheRightHook PureBluntForceTrauma
01/29/19 9:49 pm

Yes yes yes yes hell yes, fvck yes, sht yes, holy hell yes, yes, ye. Yes....learn English or gtfo! Assimilate to know how much time, resources and money can be save just on only printing docs in English? Language barriers? Time? Resources?

01/29/19 8:37 pm

I wish my mom would. She's been here almost 30 years and she can barely speak any English.

GlockMan1 Alabama
01/29/19 7:41 pm

Yes. It’s called ASSIMILATION.

Cooper831 Wisconsin
01/29/19 7:12 pm

I think that when all citizens of a nation share a language, then a sense of community can be sustained.

Having one neighborhood speak only English while the neighborhood next door only speaks Spanish will quite clearly result in cultural divides and create an in cohesive society.

01/29/19 6:56 pm

The United States does not have an official language.

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
01/29/19 7:13 pm

Yes, but it is the most used language in the United States

TrueAmerican7 I Am Galt.
01/29/19 7:28 pm

As well as the language most learned to achieve success... worldwide.

Ssfiddler1 TheTrumpBarber
01/29/19 10:19 pm

It is considered the primary language