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mtdewbob January 29th, 2019 11:39pm

Current Events question: If found guilty Roger Stone may spend the rest of his life in prison. Roger Stone in court today pleaded not guilty on a seven count indictment. To be found guilty on even one account what does Robert Mueller have to prove?

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raidadave Washington
01/30/19 10:13 pm

Lying to Congress. And I believe he is going down.

mtdewbob Arizona
01/30/19 10:23 pm

Ok we know he lied to Congress but about what, about who and for what purpose. Also who was involved in this lie. That’s what I’m getting at, most people understand there was a lie but do not know what was involved in that lie.

raidadave Washington
01/30/19 10:36 pm

He lied about contacts with a Russian hacker before the release of stolen emails in an effort to rig the election. He also communicated with the Trump campaign as well about the hacks and told them what they should be pushing during the campaign. Cooperation with a foreign power to meddle in the US election is treasonous in my book. I think Trump Jr will be the next to be indicted.

raidadave Washington
01/30/19 10:38 pm

Innocent until proven guilty, but from what I have seen of the indictment, the evidence isn't good for Stone.

Suzan Hawaii
01/29/19 7:45 pm

Robert Mueller is to act as a distraction anytime the Clintons or Obama’s are up for exposure.

mtdewbob Arizona
01/29/19 7:25 pm

60% of Democrats voted “this” but not one of them has mentioned what “this” is.🙄

Jazzy5 USA
01/29/19 5:39 pm

A process crime. What the heck is that...
Rest of his life in jail, rapist don’t get life in jail!

mtdewbob Arizona
01/29/19 4:43 pm

Fibbed on what and when and how?

mtdewbob Arizona
01/29/19 4:42 pm

I’m just throwing this out there, this question that is. I honestly believe most people just hear the word indictment without even knowing how does Robert Mueller prove the guilt of that indictment. What does Robert Mueller have to prove Roger Stone did or did not do to prove guilt?