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TopsQueen January 29th, 2019 10:12pm

My friend posted Hatikvah played with Instruments restored from the holocaust. Stand with us posted it. Has music made you cry?

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01/29/19 6:54 pm

I found the link to this.

It’s really beautiful.


TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/29/19 7:16 pm

Thank you so much Alice I tried to do it. But I’m not very computer literate. It just made me cry. Feels like my heart was ripping in two.

chinito Florida
01/30/19 8:43 pm

Wow! That was beautiful in so many ways. Thank you for the poll and the link.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/31/19 9:07 am

You’re very welcome thank you Alice. I sat there and cried when I watched it.

01/29/19 4:50 pm

The Hatikvah has a beautiful sadness to it.

01/29/19 6:49 pm

I’ve never heard it as sad music, more inspirational. After all, hatikvah means “the hope.” That’s not a sad sentiment.

01/29/19 7:08 pm

I speak strictly of the music which to me always had a sad connotation. I did sing the words in Hebrew but never really knew what they meant.

01/29/19 4:30 pm

Yes, there are actually certain songs I will listen to it if I feel like I need to cry. If you have put me in tears because they are so beautiful or sad.