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FallingStar January 29th, 2019 9:10pm

Parents: do/did your children have crazy imaginations? If yes, it’d be great if you would share a story in the comments.

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01/29/19 2:45 pm

Both my kids are very artistic. One has an art degree and the other creates clothing and jewelry all the time. Me on the other

FallingStar Oregon
01/29/19 2:48 pm

I have a sister like that. She can draw, sew, bake, decorate... Me? Well, my husband had to teach me how to cook.

FallingStar Oregon
01/29/19 2:24 pm

My oldest just turned three right after Christmas and this story took place about a week or two before Christmas.
I walked past his room and he was sitting on a train caboose and “driving” around the room by pushing with his feet. I stopped to watch for a bit. Apparently he was going through a drive-through. He drove up to the wall, put his hand on the wall, and said “Yes, I’d like cereal and milk and lots of bibs, please. Thank you”.