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Krystina January 29th, 2019 8:48pm

Do you believe the Mueller probe to be fair and unbiased or politically motivated?

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snagglepuss Story Time
01/29/19 10:51 pm

Mueller has an impeccable reputation. He doesn’t leak intel. The rest is just noise.

sea California
01/29/19 6:04 pm

Looks like a fishing expedition. They have to come back with something, anything!

gonzoboy Arizona
01/29/19 5:53 pm

I believe the entire operation is a witch hunt, and just like the witch hunters of their day who -comprised of legal, scholarly, and spiritual minds- sought 'evidence of witchcraft'. Sure, lying to investigators is a crime. So if you cast your net out wide enough and far enough, with no end in sight and near unlimited resources, YOU ARE GONNA FIND EVIDENCE OF WITCHCRAFT, or those who are willing to lie to save themselves. OF COURSE Mr. Mueller reeled in people to indict, these aren’t the most virtuous folks around, only we are...
So now what? The ends justifies the means?? Let’s make that the new mantra for governance, shall we? $15,000,000 and counting: Our beautiful tax dollars at work!...πŸ˜ƒ

HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
01/29/19 4:46 pm

Mueller is a decorated Veteran...and he’s Republican
And he recently stuck up for Trump saying a story on Buzzfeed was false
Anyone who thinks Mueller is biased is blinded by their love for Trump and by the fear that Trump has really broken the law, which appears to be the case

01/29/19 5:28 pm


4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
01/29/19 5:45 pm

Bs. The whole is investigation is based on a Hillary paid for phony investigation and false dossier. Mueller is a deep state Rino hired gun assigned to take down Trump.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
01/29/19 5:55 pm

Base it on a fairy tale 🧚🏻‍♀️ 🏰, if that makes you feel better, but he’s getting ACTUAL convictions for ACTUAL crimes. βš–οΈ

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
01/29/19 6:02 pm

“Crimes” unrelated to “Russian collusion “.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
01/29/19 6:08 pm

Stroll over to @Krystina poll about the probe for a better discussion of why this line of thinking is so off.

Suzan Hawaii
01/29/19 7:49 pm

He also presented American uranium to the Russians for them to test the quality. Once the Russians agreed to buy it it was turned over to Hillary Clinton. I hope he gets his payback

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
01/30/19 6:38 pm


HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
01/30/19 6:42 pm

What does Mueller have to do with Bengazi?

01/29/19 4:04 pm

Do some research on him. Or just look up « straight arrow ».

paranoidandroid peace love science
01/29/19 3:20 pm

Cue “but her emails” and the likeπŸ™„

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
01/29/19 3:16 pm

Do politically motivated probes normally result in numerous indictments, convictions, and guilty pleas?

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
01/29/19 3:58 pm

Do unbiased investigations get covered by the liberal media for a consecutive 1 and a half years

wolffman08 New Jersey
01/29/19 4:02 pm

Bridads, I think it’s pretty newsworthy. It would be weird for it to not be covered in the media

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
01/29/19 4:11 pm

Is Fox not covering this?πŸ˜‚

Seriously, y’all conservatives gotta let go of your victimhood mentality. The entire world isn’t an anti-conservative conspiracy.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
01/29/19 5:58 pm

The AVERAGE duration of special counsel investigations is 906 days.

There’s nothing biased about news coverage except that it’s presenting facts.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
01/29/19 2:39 pm

Weaponized politics

xxxceo Nationalist
01/29/19 1:58 pm

I have no idea. Just as with Trump, I need to see evidence before I believe that the President or Mueller acted inappropriately. Once the report is out and I’ve analyzed it, it will be easier to see if it was fair or not.

Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 1:54 pm

There is no doubt that it’s politically motivated.

Jazzy5 USA
01/29/19 2:27 pm

Agree. His staff is HRC donors and supporters. Mueller, is supposed to investigate Russian Collusion. He is politically motivated or he is blind! HRC, is covered in collusion!

01/29/19 2:57 pm

These two comments sum up my opinion.

omniku dot com
01/29/19 3:24 pm

The special counsel investigation was launched by Trump’s DOJ. The special counsel is authorized and overseen by the Trump administration’s DOJ. How could it be politically motivated if the lead investigator is a Republican who answers to the Trump administration?


Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 4:58 pm

The special counsel was initiated by the partisan actions of Jim Comey and handed to his friend Mueller. The investigation was based on the discredited Steele Dossier which was paid for by the Clinton campaign and hidden as legal expenses. Multiple in the FBI and DOJ have been fired because of their partisan anti-Trump statements and actions. We are witnessing one of the worst political corruption scandals in the history of America by the highest law enforcement agencies in the country. You need to open your eyes and smell the biscuits @omniko


omniku dot com
01/29/19 8:04 pm

Wrong. Let’s at least agree to agree that reality exists. I know for a fact you are older than a toddler so I assume you remember waaaaay back in ye old May 2017.

“The special counsel appointment on May 17, 2017, followed a series of events that included President Trump firing the FBI director James Comey on May 9, 2017.”


Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 8:11 pm

I agree you should face reality. What you said is not false, it just has nothing to do with the conversation. Comey himself admitted he leaked information hoping to get a special counsel appointed.

Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 8:16 pm

“I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter – didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons – but I asked him to, because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.” Jim Comey

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
01/29/19 10:38 pm

Ebola is supposedly a doctor but can’t see what’s right in front of him, I pray for his patients.

Ebola007 Florida
01/30/19 4:40 am

I’m guessing you haven’t read Comey’s sanctimonious book.

omniku dot com
01/30/19 12:29 pm

Nah, fuck Comey. He’s a sanctimonious prick. The fact that the leaked doesn’t make the entire Russia investigation illegitimate. How do you see those two things as related?


ladyniner81 I need chocolate
01/30/19 6:40 pm