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01/30/19 12:03 am

No, if you are born with it its natural therefore it would be it is natural to be gay. Saying it's okay to be gay means that there is some time of abnormally to it making it not okay meaning it goes against the human way. So, I will leave it to you now.

ShakaBrah California
01/29/19 10:16 pm

Honestly I dont care. If you are, cool. If you aren't, thats cool too.

EarlyBird Portland
01/29/19 8:14 pm

Of course it’s ok.

Malekithe Illegal Alien
01/29/19 3:11 pm

Sure. Why wouldn’t it be?

01/29/19 2:20 pm

So proud of Republicans. They seem to have progressed a lot. I bet 10 years ago the % would be much lower.