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GrandmaALiCE January 29th, 2019 8:13pm

News article: β€œNew group of Democrats aims to counter anti-Israel trend in party.” (See link.) Please read and comment.

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anniepoops wisco fever
01/29/19 7:02 pm

Interesting, I was just reading a comment thread from some of my peers upset at Kamala Harris over her support for Israel. The trend, I’ve seen anyway, has people quite critical of Israel.

01/29/19 6:36 pm

Dems can’t loose the Jews, I mean their donors. Lol

01/29/19 2:52 pm

Lol all id do is ask everyone to look up The Lobby USA on youtube. It uncovers Israels campaign to shutdown and go after people mainly on college campuses who disagree with Israel or support the BDS movement. Also they go into israels lobbying of our politicians. I think it might give some perspective and hopefully allow people to not blindly follow israel.

mtdewbob Arizona
01/29/19 2:29 pm

I would agree with the article for the most part. When President Obama was elected president in 2008 the sentiment amongst many Democrats swiftly changed from pro Israel to anti-Israel. The Democrat party no longer seemed to support one of our closest allies. The Obama administration turn their back on Israel as if Israel was no longer the close friend to the United States as in years past.

01/29/19 2:49 pm

And under Obama a deal was approved to give Israel 38 billion dollars over 10 years in military aid.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/30/19 2:13 am

And how much money did Barack Hussein fly to Iran?

01/30/19 2:17 am

Lol oh god here comes the Iran talking points πŸ™„

Krystina Live and Let Live
01/29/19 2:10 pm

Will be interesting to see how this goes. I don’t think Jews are high enough on the leftist victimhood scale, if they’re on it at all anymore, and if you’re identity group is not on their victimhood scale, good luck.

01/29/19 2:27 pm

Or how about they’re reasonable. This victimhood nonsense you’re spouting is absurd.

jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
01/29/19 1:38 pm

Can you not support both Israel and Palestine?

And does supporting Israel mean you cannot condemn actions that they (Netanyahu) have taken, or vice verse?

Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 1:38 pm

Good. The anti semitism in the Democrat party is appalling.

jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
01/29/19 1:39 pm

It’s anti-Zionism. I see limited anti-semitism, and it’s certainly not the Democratic Party that holds the majority of that mantle.

Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 1:45 pm

Anti-Zionism is the code word Democrats use to express their anti-Semitism and, yes, it is more prevalent in the Democrat Party than any other.

01/29/19 3:13 pm

Ebola is right.

jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
01/29/19 3:18 pm

Ebola is not right. It’s dangerous to equate opposition to Netanyahu’s Israel to opposition to Jewish people, and anyone who takes part is such a tactic should be ashamed of themselves.

thatguy2 I am Antifa
01/29/19 3:21 pm

“Jews will not replace us!” - alt-right protestors

LibArtie SW Connecticut
01/29/19 4:33 pm

Coming from this Democratic (not Democrat) Jew, Ebola is a bleeping moron. Jfish is πŸ’―right. Antisemitism has nothing to do with condemnation of Netanyahu and his criminal government.

I unignored Ebola briefly to read his ignorant comments. He’s blocked again.

Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 5:02 pm

I am correct and you, fish, are the one who should be ashamed of yourself.

jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
01/29/19 5:17 pm

Great response, Ebola. I’m flattered you’d simply use my words and nothing else as your argument.

Care to back anything you say up?

Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 5:29 pm

Your own words indict you better than anything I could say.

Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 5:46 pm

If the Democrats aren’t anti-Semitic then why are they the ones forming groups to combat the anti-semitism within their own party?

jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
01/29/19 7:00 pm

Easy, they aren’t. They’re forming groups to combat anti-Zionism.

Ebola007 Florida
01/29/19 7:44 pm

I apologize for being a little snarky but it’s the same thing.

01/29/19 8:03 pm

Jfish, we should get some terms straight. You appear to be equating what you call “anti-Zionism” with opposition to Netanyahu.

Zionism was originally the movement to establish a Jewish homeland in the ancient biblical lands. As we now have this, Zionism now means support of the continuing existence of Israel. So, anti-Zionism, by definition, means you are against the existence of the State of Israel.

Many Israelis do not care for Netanyahu, just as many Americans do not care for President Trump. But, those Israelis are not anti-Zionist. Likewise, Americans who do not care for Trump are not anti-American.

This is not semantics or splitting hairs. It’s a very important difference.


01/29/19 1:34 pm

Good! About time someone came forward.

01/29/19 1:15 pm

πŸ’  GrandmaAlice asked:

News article: “New group of Democrats aims to counter anti-Israel trend in party.” (See link.) Please read and comment.

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