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01/31/19 6:41 am

I'm a vegetarian. I have never liked meat, even as a child.

01/30/19 12:05 am

Humans are predators we are ment to eat meat. That is why our eyes are in front of our heads not to the sides. We are suppose to hunt

susanr Colorado
01/29/19 11:25 pm

Not now, but I was vegetarian for a lot of years, and vegan for most of them.

I still eat a lot of vegetarian meals, but I eat meat too. My daughter, who was raised vegan as a young child, started eating meat when I went back to it, but a few years later decided to be vegetarian. She was in her early 20s then, and is 51 now. We share a lot of meals, and I’m always happy eating her stuff.

Crispy899 America
01/29/19 7:02 pm

I tried it when I was 10 I only got to about six months or so...then I had the best burger of my life. I still think about it

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/29/19 5:40 pm

No I do Keto. A low-carb a hydrate diet works best for me

EarlyBird Portland
01/29/19 5:13 pm

If I was a better cook, I probably would be, but meat is so easy to make.

01/29/19 3:52 pm

Since 1999

01/29/19 2:22 pm

I limit my meat consumption, but no. Would love to be one tho.