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chickencookie January 29th, 2019 6:57pm

Should Cuomo be ex communicated from the Catholic Church?

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lcamino Florida and Georgia
01/30/19 8:39 pm

Yes. His actions aren’t accepted by the Catholic Church. He has blood on his hands, and should be excommunicated.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
01/30/19 8:55 pm

I’m disappointed in Cardinal Dolan’s reaction. He is getting boatloads of mail on this and said he has no power.

NemoDude Dead, at this point
01/29/19 6:58 pm

What next? Holy war? Inquisition? I thought “Christians” were past this.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
01/30/19 5:12 am

I don’t see how excommunication is comparable to any of the above things mentioned, especially when you consider that it only revokes someone of their ability to partake in certain Church activities, like receiving holy communion for example. Even Pope Francis himself has excommunicated people, namely priests, during his pontificate; it’s not something the Church has, or ever will get stop doing.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
01/30/19 8:53 pm

Cuomo doesn’t care. He said so himself.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
01/29/19 6:12 pm

Yes, but he'll have to wait his turn. Nancy Pelosi should have been excommunicated years ago.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
01/30/19 5:20 am

Sorry Tom, that won’t happen. However, I can promise that the moment Nancy Pelosi turns into a white male teenager wearing a MAGA hat while smirking at a Native American man will be when she gets condemned by Church hierarchy...

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
01/30/19 10:54 am

Sad but true... 😃

rons Thanks America
01/29/19 4:08 pm

Boot his murderous ass!

mtdewbob Arizona
01/29/19 2:32 pm

I would say yes but very doubtful it will happen

orgblu10 Shamerica
01/29/19 1:44 pm

If he isn't, what's the point of having a leadership structure in the church? What does one have to do to offend them sufficiently for excommunication? Be as disgusting a human being as you want to be, but don't identify yourself as a Catholic.

Jazzy5 USA
01/29/19 12:19 pm

You were excommunicated for just getting a divorced and then you remarry. ( this may have changed)
This more than qualifies for excommunication.
The Church will dodge it.

rons Thanks America
01/29/19 4:09 pm

Not Ted Kennedy. He got an annulment after all his kids were grown. Funny how connections work.

PyroSadist like my comments follow
01/29/19 12:05 pm

While I think it is ridiculous and that the law allows abortion up to the point of birth, it is only ridiculous because it should be known long before the due date that the mother's life is in severe danger or the baby is already dead. Yes I know there are exceptions to this but they are like as not to be extremely rare.

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
01/29/19 12:04 pm

He should be excommunicated from the planet!.....

Robert01 existentialist
01/29/19 12:03 pm

"Turn the other cheek"

The catholic church should literally practice what it preaches.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
01/29/19 12:01 pm

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