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KellyDimples January 29th, 2019 4:39pm

I'm stuck in a boring mandatory class for work all day. Chat in the comments to keep me awake, any subject goes. And...begin!

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Crispy899 America
01/29/19 7:08 pm

If you ever watch UFC or MMA fights there’s a better way to watch, forget about the fight and imagine it’s a show about two men who have never hugged before and they are trying to figure it out for the first time

Jazzy5 USA
01/29/19 2:49 pm

I have nothing interesting going on today!

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 2:55 pm

No problem, class is over

Texas1 did not proofread
01/29/19 2:10 pm

So... if you could turn in your TPS reports early, that would be great...,

Crispy899 America
01/29/19 7:04 pm

Sir I need to talk to you about your flair

Texas1 did not proofread
01/30/19 10:39 am

We’re gonna need you to work Saturday, that’d be great.

GlockMan1 Alabama
01/29/19 12:24 pm

I remember when I worked for Dunder Mifflin paper company my old boss Michael Scott would make us go through boring classes in the conference room.

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 12:39 pm

And that time corporate made us take that sexual harassment class.

omniku dot com
01/29/19 1:00 pm

It’s a turducken! 😋

Wert A picture of my junk
01/29/19 4:57 pm

I was going to try to figure out a way to play tic tac toe or dots and lines with you in chat, but then I had to go to work. 🙁

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/29/19 11:09 am

If you were to run a food truck, what food would you want it to be?

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 11:38 am

Waffles and ice cream

Crispy899 America
01/29/19 7:07 pm

You could put those waffles in a cone of ice cream

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/30/19 2:26 am

Nice!! Think of all the flavors you could make!!
And add fried chicken 🍗

JackTorS Rest in peace my friend
01/29/19 10:37 am

Do you believe that a low-yield positive output nuclear fission reaction can result from the electric charge of a palladium cathode submerged in deuterium oxide producing tritium by-products all at room temperature?

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 10:41 am

You had me until the room temperature part.

01/29/19 10:29 am

What types of classes would you find interesting?

If you are really bored, try thinking of a sentence with song titles from one band and put as many titles in as you can while making the sentence still readable but not necessarily grammatically correct. I somehow managed to make a sentence with 12 or 13 while I was trying to go to sleep one night.

01/29/19 10:30 am

Oops, it cannot simply be a sentence listing titles. I forgot to mention that rule.

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 10:33 am

That sounds fun.
Most of these classes are dry and boring. I can't imagine many classes that would be exciting. Although I've always said I wanted to take a cake decorating class. I do great cakes without ever having taken a class, but I'm sure there are some tips or shortcuts I could be shown.

01/29/19 10:39 am

That's great. I am terrible at cake decorating and I'm not sure any class in the world could help me. Personally, I'd like to take a six week course I think they still offer at Harvard regarding negotiating techniques.

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 10:42 am

Not sure I'd enjoy that one, but if it interests you that's great.

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 10:24 am

Sorry, my husband beat you to it by almost 19 years.

Ssfiddler1 TheTrumpBarber
01/29/19 10:26 am

Aw man you’re too old for me anyway I was only 1 year old 19 years ago

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 10:28 am

Haha, I'm 46. Wait a few years and my 15 yr old daughter will be 18.

ptellini Homosuperior
01/29/19 9:48 am

How many people do you know that have had a cerebral rectal inversion?

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 9:51 am

Probably at least half the people I know, including the ones on this app.

OrangeCounty Subscribe to Pewdiepie
01/29/19 9:48 am

I just took a math test that I thought I bombard but got an 93 on so not all bad

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 9:50 am

93 is a great score, especially considering you thought you bombed it.

liddleTrump trump is liddle
01/29/19 9:46 am

Do you like pancakes? I just finished a plate of pancakes.

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 9:50 am

I do like pancakes, and also waffles and French toast.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
01/29/19 9:57 am

Anyone feel cheated when you order waffles and just get one? And then you wish you had a stack of pancakes because you get multiple? One waffle just seems like too little

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 9:58 am

One waffle is probably equal to 2-3 pancakes

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
01/29/19 10:02 am

It may be, but it just feels smaller. May just be psychological. I tend to avoid waffles for this reason

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 10:11 am

Lol, you need to judge by your stomach, not by your eyes.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
01/29/19 10:18 am

My stomach and my eyes don’t get along

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
01/29/19 9:43 am

What’s the class about?

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
01/29/19 9:44 am

It's a cardiac class, for nursing. Nothing I don't already know.

rons Thanks America
01/29/19 10:23 am

You should put your heart into it!