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jmw7477 Indiana
01/29/19 12:50 pm

I love soda. It’s hard for me not to drink too much of it. When it comes to ice cream, I can take it or leave it.

theNobamist straight lives matter
01/29/19 11:11 am

I have coke all the time. It's a regular (not a treat) for me.
I know in Russia, a coke can be a day's pay.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
01/29/19 12:33 pm

Ummm, no. A coke in Russia is about 50 ₽and and the average monthly wage is 55,135 ₽. So, about 1,837 ₽ is a days wage.

However, if that is all you are making, you should not be buying coke.

zimmy Florida
01/29/19 9:38 am

I have one coke a year, and it is wonderful!

KellyDimples NJ
01/29/19 9:18 am

Hard for me to compare. One is drank with a meal, one is eaten after a meal.