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handsyjo January 29th, 2019 3:42pm

Trump's national security advisor was photographed with a notebook that had written on it "5,000 troops to Colombia". Do you think the US should use military force to oust the leader of Venezuela?

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4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
01/29/19 5:58 pm

That notebook page was likely intentionally displayed to send a message, whether there is actual intent to intervene or not.

EarlyBird Portland
01/29/19 5:54 pm

No! We can’t fix everything!

We need to stop spending!

Jazzy5 USA
01/29/19 2:59 pm

My guess would be, if Americans and our Embassy was in danger, they would move in.
We will not have another Iran!

01/29/19 4:16 pm

Ya you're right but that should have started with keeping our hands out of other countries elections

AZlass Phoenix
01/29/19 12:05 pm

When will we ever learn to stay out of this kind of thing.

01/29/19 3:10 pm

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01/29/19 4:17 pm

We can't fuck the country up, then when we can't put our own guy in office say well fine we won't take anyone trying to flee the fuck up we helped cause...

AZlass Phoenix
01/30/19 11:09 am

As I said when will we learn to stay out of it? We have no business putting “our guy” in there in the first place.

01/30/19 12:34 pm

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Jerbehr queens
01/29/19 11:37 am

Venezuela is our own backyard. Stability there is much more important that Afghanistan or Syria

01/29/19 12:54 pm

Venezuela is 3,000 miles away in an entirely different continent... How big is your back yard?

Jerbehr queens
01/29/19 1:00 pm

Influence wise and culturally it’s a lot closer than the other 2 countries mentioned

Robert01 existentialist
01/29/19 11:26 am

They are an Allied correct?

We should run it by the UN but yes military force might be necessary.

UniversePlan Michigan
01/29/19 8:53 am

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