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chickencookie January 29th, 2019 3:36pm

How will you be celebrating Super Bowl Sunday? Are you going to a party or staying home? If you are home and watch the game, whatโ€™s on the menu?

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outlaw393 Chaotic Neutral
02/03/19 12:54 pm

Not celebrating. Barely paying attention. Really don't care.

susanr Colorado
01/29/19 11:35 pm

I’m flying to San Francisco to help old friends put on a giant outdoor Super Bowl party in a SF park - as I do every year. (This is about their 35th; about my 10th.)

I don’t know who’s playing (and if anyone tells me, I’ll forget in 5 minutes). I won’t know who won. I don’t care about football. But I love my friends, and it’s always a really good time. (And it’s never a long enough trip. Usually Thurs-Tues. This year my daughter & I are staying until the next Sunday, so we can see more of our friends.)


susanr Colorado
01/29/19 11:39 pm

Food? The friends’ group provides meat to grill (used to be chicken they marinated; they’ve switched to burgers or sausages, because we’re old now and the chicken was a lot of work - it’s a *lot* of meat; usually 50-100 people come), lots of drinks of various kinds (including beer, but mostly not), lots of chips & whatever crap they find at Costco. The rest of the food, ranging from homemade vegetarian lasagna to fabulous salads to desserts, is brought by everyone else.


DarthTater Jesus Saves
01/30/19 9:51 am

For he’s/she’s a jolly good fellow!

KudosToYou California
01/29/19 8:53 pm

I’m going to a pizza place and having a feast.

Suzan Hawaii
01/29/19 7:56 pm

I can see the commercials this week. And football is boring to me

cpaswr just say the letters
01/29/19 6:20 pm

My friends who usually have a Super Bowl party are not having one this year. As of now, staying home. Nothing special for food planned.

01/29/19 3:12 pm

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/29/19 2:57 pm

My husband will be out of the house! Yep I’ll celebrate

DonWichita Kansas
01/29/19 2:14 pm

Junk food !
WW & Sodium levels will take a back seat, for one day only.

jmw7477 Indiana
01/29/19 12:44 pm

I won’t be watching it or doing anything for it. I don’t even know when it is. I’m lucky (and thankful) that my husband doesn’t care about it either. Grandpa will probably watch it in his living room, so I’ll hear about it from him.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
01/29/19 12:36 pm

Hosting the “party”. 7 people including us I believe.

PyroSadist like my comments follow
01/29/19 12:07 pm

Still mostly housebound after my accident in December so will not be going anywhere

PyroSadist like my comments follow
01/29/19 1:09 pm

More or less ok. Deeply bored...watching around 60-70 hours of tv a week. Fortunately not desperate or bored enough to watch any soap operas (other than the comedic show Soap from the 70s-80s)

Really looking forward to getting back to a dungeon and beating some ass!

Thanks for asking.

PyroSadist like my comments follow
01/29/19 1:40 pm

Well it might be if I told you what I was going to do in the dungeon

scooter Tennessee
01/29/19 11:48 am

I haven't watched NFL since they started disrespecting our flag.

Laserbeam Back soon
01/29/19 2:48 pm

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01/29/19 6:42 pm

I don’t even believe in boycotts

Laserbeam Back soon
01/29/19 8:57 pm

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01/30/19 7:29 am

I haven’t cracked.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
01/29/19 11:44 am

Home....I dread leaving the house for the super bowl. As a football fan....I want to watch the game...and not surround myself with people who don’t know football. Then...the drive home is a good time to get hit by a drunk thanks.

chickencookie disgusted
01/29/19 1:02 pm

We like watching the game home alone too, otherwise it’s too noisy and distracting.

rons Thanks America
01/29/19 9:30 am

Not really interested. I flip it on and off between them falling down.

01/29/19 8:50 am

I'm still considering the menu. I'd like chicken wings, but there are so many with different tastes and so many heat tolerances, it may not be a fit.

A party tray with different cheeses, vegetables and dips perhaps.

Maybe both.

missmorganmarie ...
01/29/19 9:24 am

we are getting wings and also making chilli

chickencookie disgusted
01/29/19 11:41 am

Sausage and peppers here!

01/29/19 2:59 pm

It's set.
Daughter is making chili
I’m bringing 50 wings and beer.

missmorganmarie ...
01/29/19 3:11 pm


01/30/19 6:36 am

And have just been assigned to bring a loaf of my sourdough bread.

01/29/19 8:51 am

Always sounds good.