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Show Of Hands April 14th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think you would spend less money in general if you paid cash for everything instead of using a credit/debit card?

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04/20/12 1:27 am

@Black Benz - I worked at a car dealership for 6 years in the finance department, and I can tell you that paying cash does not get you a better deal. Unfortunately, this is a myth that more people need to be aware of.

Dealers make NO money if you pay cash. They make money when you finance a car.

04/20/12 1:11 am

I tend to spend cash so quickly. But if it's all I had, I'd definitely spend less. It's easy to just hand over your credit/debit card to pay for everything.

When you physically see your money shrinking, it makes it a hard pill to swallow. :)

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
04/17/12 5:13 pm

Plus I have had my card swiped more than once at some merchants. Then, I have had to go through the hassle to get the $ back. Not worth my time.

Plus I always negotiate a lower price on bigger purchases due to paying cash. Car repair place does it, gas station, smaller merchants. It works.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
04/17/12 5:13 pm

Cash. I don't like being 'connected' to my purchases.

I don't need nor want to be on a marketing report for XYZ company because I went to the movies 5x in a month. Then, purchase-related ads start coming in my mailbox, more junk mail.

04/16/12 10:52 pm

I DO pay cash for EVERYTHING!! Had an ex-husband who'd forged my sigs & received a BUNCH of CC's during our divorce. He then declared bankruptcy when court ordered him to pay me; then DROPPED the Bankruptcy when court ordered it . STILL messes up my credit!!

blutuesday California
04/16/12 1:59 pm

No, because I don't carry a balance on any credit card, ever.

ncbuc Get Over It
04/15/12 7:28 pm

Have no debt besides a mortgage. Unless there are some unforeseen expenses. $800 flight for a funeral for example which goes on a credit card that we typically pay off every month. Credit debt has screwed alot of people. Including me when I was stupid. If you don't the money for it, don't buy it

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/15/12 4:54 pm

They push credit cards on college kids to start the bad habits and rack up interest. It is also considered a lower risk because the parents will help out...

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/15/12 4:50 pm

You have to be more deliberate. Draw cash ahead of time, know how much you have left for other things, feel the money transfer in your fingers...

When you are more aware, you think better about why. Not, I want it. Rather, why do I need it? Do I need it?

04/15/12 4:48 pm

We use cash whenever possible. Most of my buyers deal in cash. It sure does keep the spending under control.

04/15/12 1:33 pm

Yes. It's a bitch getting things online without a card.

hexin Wisconsin
04/15/12 11:57 am

Only because I buy so much online.

04/15/12 11:35 am

Yes actually, I recently began doing this and it helped me budget and make sure I set my priorities straight when spending.

04/15/12 10:40 am

@moonshot - what are the "lots of benefits"?

04/15/12 10:39 am

@PAteach - I think thats the point

moonshot More often I know nothing
04/15/12 10:30 am

I rarely use cash for anything. Credit cards all the way. Lots of benefits of using a card, as long as you pay the bill in full each month.

pateach2 love my son
04/15/12 9:51 am

I hate spending cash! I can actually watch it disappear.

tidford My little piece of heaven
04/15/12 7:45 am

hard to spend money on line using only cash.

04/15/12 6:43 am

Probably a little because i may run out of cash.

Emma Austin.ish.
04/15/12 5:17 am

we'll see this week. found out my card number had been stolen last night, so I'm all about cash until the new card gets here.

04/15/12 4:47 am

I use to spend way more money before I had a debit card. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose

04/15/12 2:18 am

Love Dave Ramsey!!! The envelope system works. Read his books.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
04/15/12 1:15 am

Dave Ramsey's envelope system FTW! I spend so much less when I use cash.

04/14/12 11:19 pm

@emily - "Cash is king, debt is dumb, and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the Beamer as the status symbol of choice!" Happy to say Dave Ramsey has made me completely debt-free, including the house. :D

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
04/14/12 11:09 pm

I don't know I tend to get careless with cash, I find it in coat pockets that I haven't worn in months, I find it in purses I haven't used in weeks, I find it in the washer. Credit cards get paid in full every month, so I know what I'm spending on them. Debit card makes it easy to track spending.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
04/14/12 10:32 pm

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flyberg Northern Kentucky
04/14/12 10:26 pm

Same. Cash in my pocket that can't be monitored electronically is pretty much 'free money' to me. I check my accounts regularly and since this money is not included in those figures I'm not as careful. But I also don't carry much cash. Just like to blow it on vending machines at work lol

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
04/14/12 10:25 pm

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Fact FL
04/14/12 10:25 pm

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bab420 Texas
04/14/12 9:58 pm

I actually operate the exact opposite of what the question states. odd, obviously. lol.

hippiedude fields of green
04/14/12 9:39 pm

Cash is so much easier. Always easy to keep track of.

04/14/12 9:26 pm

Listen to Dave Ramsey... He'll put you straight! "Debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid off home mortgage has taken 1st place!"

04/14/12 9:10 pm

Quite the opposite for me. If I have cash, I spend it. When I only have my debit card, i hardly use it.

Alison Illinois
04/14/12 9:10 pm

I make many more impulse purchases when I have cash. All those little purchases add up quickly. I don't impulse buy with plastic, plus I am in a rewards program for both my debit and credit card.

monkxo New York
04/14/12 9:07 pm

I don't have a credit card and I spend hardly any money.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
04/14/12 8:13 pm

I pretty much only use my debit card. I don't want a credit card. I get direct deposit at work and keep close track of my money, so I don't really ever need to withdraw cash.

04/14/12 8:06 pm

We try to only use can anyways. I usually put the money in my floppy disc drive when making an online purchase.

sohuser California
04/14/12 8:03 pm

I already spend cash on everything.

Nerdz Texas
04/14/12 8:00 pm

if i was old enough to own credit cards, yes because then i would know my limit.

scottstots Georgia
04/14/12 7:50 pm

Before kids and before debit cards (I know, I'm old). I would write checks for all my bills and then take the cash I needed for the month and put it in envelopes for what it was for (dry cleaning, eating out, etc). I would always have $ left over. Now with the debit card, I know I am not as thrifty.

04/14/12 7:40 pm

no.... id spend more

indiareef Virginia
04/14/12 7:18 pm

we only use an American express card. the balance is due every month so we aren't spending more than we earn but we get fantastic benefits and perks with the card. so... no I wouldn't spend less because I'm already very responsible with my finances.