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Show Of Hands April 23rd, 2012 12:00am

Did you do anything to celebrate Earth Day?

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cowboy Proud Father
05/02/12 5:10 pm

No. I don't celebrate Communist holidays.

04/30/12 11:50 am

I tilled the earth for 8 hours.

2Bfree New York
04/29/12 5:38 pm

I sprayed a full can of hairspray and didn't recycle

KyHeff Kentucky
04/28/12 6:00 pm

What?!O gosh I gotta go buy a tree!!!

04/28/12 11:08 am

NObama must think nukes come from Earth and nuking a rainforest isn't a negative impact either.

04/28/12 11:08 am

NObama must think nukes come from Earth and nuking a rainforest isn't a negative impact either.

04/28/12 11:03 am

No I wanted to buy something but didn't find anything. im investing in solar and want an EV

heyyjude NC
04/26/12 9:05 pm

It happened to also be my anniversary which I celebrated but not earth day.

SaraC New York
04/25/12 6:00 pm

I'm a tard (quite offensive since my son has down syndrome) as for getting owned, still have no idea how manufactured plastics in a landfill comes from the earth... so explain

04/25/12 5:28 pm

i did cuz... u lnow GLOBAL WARMING. OIL SPILLS, ACID RAIN! hmmm.... i would rather plant a tree than die

unknown2 Ohio
04/25/12 1:05 pm

I threw my mcdonalds bag out the window.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/25/12 8:49 am

I'd like to kick a tree hugger. They lied about the Forrest industry. Trees are a crop they get replanted. Fish hatcherys restore fish to the rivers and ocean. Our economy is very bad here as family wage jobs were taken away.

04/25/12 5:47 am

no there is a stupid holiday.....

04/25/12 5:23 am

Yes please tell us of the nefarious origins of a benign holiday that no one celebrates, it must be riveting stuff. Did Nickelodeon executives devise the evil plan as a way to sell The Big Help t-shirts?!?!?!?!?!!!!!??????

04/24/12 9:25 pm

If people knew the origin and truth to "earth day" I really don't think most Americans would "celebrate" this.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
04/24/12 9:09 pm

I burn a huge pile of styrofoam cups.

TheKilling New Jersey
04/24/12 8:35 pm

didn't really celebrate it. but did mow the lawn. seed. mulch all the gardens and plant a tree

04/24/12 8:15 pm

put about 40 extra miles on my car while shopping for a riding lawn mower.

04/24/12 7:02 pm

hugged a tree. I am a hippie tree hugger

04/24/12 6:52 pm

Left the lights on in a public building and threw away all my recyclables!

04/24/12 5:30 pm

and voting republican means squat to me, im not a partyline voter, both dems and repubs have ruined this country

04/24/12 5:27 pm

now, im not saying that things we do arnt killing us or animals, but it certainly is not hurting mother earth, tard

04/24/12 5:26 pm

here is where you get owned, if it comes from the earth, how can it possibly be harmful to the earth??? hmmmmmm i just blew your mind!

SaraC New York
04/24/12 3:12 pm

nobama has nobrain... do u honestly believe that humans have not left their negative footprint on the planet? endangered animals, polluted waters, landfills... these are just a part of the natural history... please stop listining to talk radio and fox news, oh and by the way I vote Republican, just

rpanuli Tahoe
04/24/12 3:00 pm

Does smoking a bunch of weed count?

04/24/12 2:45 pm

in other news... if one ever wonders why some people refuse to pay much attention to environmentalistas, now one knows.

04/24/12 1:37 pm

People who think humans aren't at least contributing to global warming know nothing about our carbon output and the ozone layer. Do even a basic amount of research.

04/24/12 1:09 pm

people that think that humans are responsible for "global warming" must know zero about the history of our planet...

04/24/12 1:08 pm

how is that liberal koolaid racedogg? what flavor they serving today?

04/24/12 1:02 pm

i made sure to burn some rubber tires, then i clubbed a baby seal, does that count as celebrating? i think so!

04/24/12 11:32 am

Good response Sheriboo. I can tell you have excellent debate tactics.

04/24/12 10:51 am

Coke do you feel special for purposefully contributing to global warming?

04/24/12 10:45 am

I left on all the lights and left my car running and burned some leaves. While eating imported food

04/24/12 10:45 am

Gelina do you think that wasting energy makes you special or something?

gelina44 Springfield, MO
04/24/12 10:29 am

Left the lights and radio on in my house then took a 500 mile road trip.

04/24/12 9:43 am

LoganM... I wasn't knocking on Fox, I was knocking on the Earth Day event. Fox showed a picture of about 20 people standing around at the celebration. Maybe they couldn't afford the gas to get there. :)

MasterMatt Oregon
04/24/12 9:24 am

I drove my F350 (460 gas engine) all over the place!!!

04/24/12 8:55 am

I didn't even know what day it was until it was too late. :(

LoganM Florida
04/24/12 8:50 am

most people are so used to liberal biased media that they don't even realize when they see quality balanced news

LoganM Florida
04/24/12 8:49 am

I wouldn't beat on fox too much either because diana sawyer blatantly lied last time I watched her. same with chris Matthews and anderson from cnn

LoganM Florida
04/24/12 8:48 am

sheriboo... im sure only 10 showed up. they were probably just giving them the benefit of the doubt