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Should the Federal government fund $6 billion to prevent interest on subsidized student loans from doubling to 6.8 percent in July?

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jimmie Missouri
05/04/12 4:22 pm


05/02/12 3:49 pm

really though, if the government really wants to do something to help they could cap the they already do to farmers:-)

05/02/12 3:46 pm

i think i'll get a job being a stripper. can i get the government to pay for my dance lessons and boob will be good for the economy;-)

violetr Florida
05/02/12 6:40 am

Dude, we spend more on war. Let's spend some of that on education; we are getting behind in that "Best universities" list. More power to China?

04/30/12 8:58 pm

if people aren't in college and educated then the economy can't grow. simple

jimmie Missouri
04/28/12 9:45 pm

It is insane to think that the govt needs to pay for stuff all the lazy people need to grow up and pay for things thats how life works

jimmie Missouri
04/28/12 9:19 pm

The founding fathers are weeping somewhere

04/28/12 10:58 am

The government needs to pay for all nonprofit college. And the republicans need to quit attacking the middle class.

04/27/12 3:12 pm

Oh no, but if we subsidize our own citizens, we won't have enough money to pay for the illegals to go to college! I guess we'll have to tax more for the Dream Act, yeah

04/25/12 8:21 pm

@PhilMcHawk: Since I am not in almost half of the country that pays no federal income taxes, whatever the govt subsidizes that costs money picks my pocket.

04/25/12 8:20 pm

Where were you all complaining when I took out my student loans in 2007 with a 6.8% interest rate??? Guess what, I pay them! I take responsibility for my debt.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
04/25/12 6:20 pm

Perot4prez: I don't see you paying it, so it's all good for you.

04/25/12 5:37 am

they created the tax and now, for election purposes, they want to post-pone it???

04/25/12 1:07 am

@justakid97: Any generation that thinks a 6% interest rate is too high is too spoiled and incompetent to give me any confidence they are going to solve the world's problems.

JamesMadison La Palma
04/24/12 10:39 pm

Yea, make it harder for the future generation to fix our world by dumping more loan on them, smart idea

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
04/24/12 7:12 pm

Again the conservatives demonstrate that "they don't hold wit book learnin"

04/24/12 6:57 pm

@jopat: It is not unusual for an employer to provide tuition assistance. The mfr of the device I am using to post this provides $5,000 per year of tuition assistance to employees. They have to approve the curriculum and there is a grade threshold to qualify.

04/24/12 3:16 pm

The average federal gets about $7,000 per year that goes directly to the institution that made the loan.

04/24/12 3:14 pm

I just found this out, our government as an incentive has a program that pays off student loans for their employees. In all fairness it started under Bush but when you think about what the rest of the country is facing, this is just wrong!

04/24/12 11:16 am

@RightWay: I agree with you, but fear they will want a govt grant to do that research.

04/24/12 10:49 am

Democrats hear something like more funding for colleges or free health and they don't think about implications or real reasons for the problem. Think do some research!

04/24/12 10:48 am

Colleges are like the government, they waste money. Nobama 2012!

04/24/12 10:24 am

@sidd3: Precisely! Every college or university that fails to control their costs will do so at their peril. Let them start going out of business and others will learn from their mistakes. Let the market forces finally work for education like it does in other industries.

Happy2 California
04/24/12 8:23 am

We don't have the money. We are already broke and overextended.

04/24/12 8:22 am

NYevo: the student loan isn't an incentive?

04/24/12 8:20 am

sidd3; just curious how much should a burger flipper make?

NYevo NY
04/24/12 4:23 am

We should be giving incentive for people to get higher education if you would like us to be able to compete in this world

sidd3 Arizona
04/24/12 12:23 am

Hey CWExile, I need a job. Why don't you tell that under-paying fast-food joint they need a college grad to flip burgers so they'll even look at my application? Thanks!

sidd3 Arizona
04/24/12 12:19 am

Perot, you obviously haven't taken an economics course or talked to the faculty at a Uni. Teaching is second to research. Tuition is 1/2 the bribe to get the profs to actually teach and not have their grad assists doing the teaching. Competition will not lower the cost, it will shut down schools.

countrytboy Georgia
04/23/12 5:16 pm

The imediate help is only going to make things worse for the next generation

Think Lovin Life
04/23/12 5:13 pm

RedWolf ... the profit motive in education is far overshadowed by the heavy hand of government and the thousands of regulations, and "help" provided. Get the government out of education first, then let's talk about profit.

04/23/12 5:00 pm

The easiest way to lower the cost of an education is to reduce the number of people that attend needlessly. Fewer customers will force the institutions to compete with each other and will drive the prices down. College will finally become affordable.

04/23/12 4:13 pm

I don't think liberals understand that what ever the gov touches gets way inflated!

04/23/12 3:56 pm

The average price of college has gone up exponentially since my parents wentto college, we need to keep education costs downin order to be able to allow more people to go to college, it is one of the reasons we are number 25 in education in the world. Let's beable to have our children go to college.

bmh Michigan
04/23/12 3:47 pm

Here's a crazy thought, get a part time job during school and graduate debt free like my wife and I did. I knew kids that took out loans so they could use the money for spring break. Why should the tax payers continue to fund laziness and stupidity?

04/23/12 1:23 pm

Why not forgive the interest rate, but tack on a royalty for every dollar earned in perpetuity. After all, you wouldn't have achieved anything of value in your life had you not spent a ton of money for that education, right? Don't the taxpayers deserve a piece of your job-related windfall?

04/23/12 1:14 pm

@redwolf143: Should teachers work for free? Should classes be taught in public parks or in actual buildings? Education is a business. If it isn't profitable, why do it? I would rather invest MY money in AAPL rather than into some kid doesn't produce a return to me on my investment.

04/23/12 12:25 pm

Drop the rates to 0% for ten years than forgive them. No part of education should be for profit.

04/23/12 11:59 am

People need to stop whining about what they don't get from the gov and start taping into self creativity

04/23/12 11:58 am

So many entitlements have skewed people's perception of what is valuable. I would never hire anyone on university name recognition. Ability is what counts and this self entitlement mindset is absolutely destroying our innate initiative that represents true value!

Think Lovin Life
04/23/12 11:10 am

If you feel you want or need something, then put down the bong, and go earn it.

Think Lovin Life
04/23/12 11:10 am

The government doesn't owe you an education, they don't owe you a car, or a house, or even a vacation. The government doesn't owe you health care or an iPod.

Think Lovin Life
04/23/12 11:09 am

Nobody provided an "Ivy League" education for me. I've done alright. Others can too. JoPat said it best ... if you can't afford it, don't buy it. And certainly don't expect someone else to carry your sorry carcus!

Think Lovin Life
04/23/12 11:08 am

The question isn't about education, it isn't about fairness. Students can already get loans at subsidized rates. The question is should we borrow even more to provide "Ivy League" education to whiners? Answer: NO WAY!

Think Lovin Life
04/23/12 11:07 am

RaceDogg ... your public school teachers did you a great disservice. The country wasn't founded on everyone being treated equally. You can get that in Cuba. The fact is that socialism doesn't work. You don't deserve ANYTHING but a chance.

04/23/12 10:45 am

Only the government would look at a real problem and "fix it" by taking over something else.

04/23/12 10:44 am

There was no problem with student loans before the gov took it over. The problem was and still is the cost of education.

04/23/12 8:56 am

The cost of education here is out of control. It cost me 20k for 1.5 years and a second degree (that I needed for my career). I had to take out some of that in loans. God forbid we try and make loans more affordable to help with ridiculous prices. Only in America....