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deliala919 hashtag nerdy
03/28/13 8:14 pm

Board games are more fun. They have more possibilities and stuff than just pullin cards

Kay41 the Midwest
03/28/13 1:01 pm

Board games with the family....can't get better than that.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/28/13 12:48 pm

A little torn since for years we had a regular group playing Spades, but also enjoyed all-night games of Risk and Monopoly. Backwards Chess is also a favorite, but the deciding factor is Othello. I could play that until all I can see are black and white dots.

03/28/13 12:01 pm

Clue is my all time favorite game, but recently my roommates and I have been playing A LOT of card games. There are just so many more option and you only need 1 deck of cards.

03/28/13 10:29 am

It's so fun to show off shuffling techniques, and fun to pull a magic trick out for no reason after a round. More variety comes with card games and it takes more thought for sure

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
03/28/13 9:26 am

Trivial Persuit, nearly any version of Scene It, etc...

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/28/13 8:08 am

You need a bunch of energetic players for board games to be more fun.

Tony SOH Founder
03/28/13 8:04 am

Played a rousing game a Risk, or what I like to call "Gang Up On Dad", this weekend.

Angela12 Anyang, South Korea
03/28/13 8:19 am

I bet that took 5 years to finish...

03/28/13 8:02 am

Board games! Just not Pictonary. :)

Angela12 Anyang, South Korea
03/28/13 7:56 am


War, Solitaire, Poker, Spades, Hearts, Mao, Black Jack, Canasta, Nerts, Speed...should I keep going?

03/28/13 7:55 am

Just a tip: put the answers in the same order that you presented them in the question as it prevents confusion.

olinder PVD
03/28/13 8:01 am

But isn't it a little more fun when there's confusion?! I swear it was planned that way ... ????