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Are you currently unemployed and looking for a job?

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04/30/12 11:27 am

Jobs are available, but many won't work for what they see as a job beneath them.

04/29/12 3:33 pm

veritas; just saw your 4-16 11:32 post, the only oil company that has received a subsidy is in Brazil. Our oil companies receive the same treatment as all other businesses. As usual you choose to get into lockstep with the head dog eater, very sad being you are such a clever smart lad!

flyberg Northern Kentucky
04/29/12 8:06 am

To the kids commenting on this: you're being subsidised by your parents. It's difficult, if not impossible, to survive off the crap wages you think are so awesome. Add in issues re: hours such places want you to work since they want to avoid paying benefits and you've got yourself a dead end.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
04/29/12 8:02 am

And going to college isn't the panacea it's sold as. Unless you've done a lot of research into your career path and worked out a plan for what you're doing, college is a lot of debt without anything to show for it other than a really expensive piece of paper.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
04/28/12 11:41 pm

"just go to college" hurr durr college costs money homeboy. Derp.

BriD Illinois
04/28/12 2:34 pm

And Mr. Coyote, where exactly are you employed? I doubt you make an "adult" livable wage of more than $15/hr....

mrcoyote Casa Grande
04/28/12 12:45 pm

Im 17. I got my job when i was sixteen. If a sixteen year old can find a job within two weeks a fully grown adult should be able to

04/28/12 10:48 am

jobs are easy to get. Just not always to get one you like, trained for, or one that pays more than 8 and hour.

04/28/12 10:47 am

no just unemployed. I do a lot of college stuff and high school instead.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
04/28/12 8:18 am

Surgeon. Im not waaaazaaap but I've applied at 5 different MickeyDs throughout my state and I don't get shit. It's not always that easy man, just saying.

04/28/12 6:26 am

Wazzzzup, put down the bong, go to a dollar store and buy a 25cent pen, walk across the street to McDonalds and congratulations your 1st job in 2 yrs

blockfisher Clinton, CT
04/28/12 2:41 am

I'm employed but always looking for a better, higher paying job.

waaazzaap Arizona
04/27/12 11:56 pm

I am more of a discouraged worker ,,, no job for the past 2 years

04/27/12 6:24 pm

@Copperhead What field was that?

steel-jack Utah
04/27/12 5:40 pm

Don't worry you have a vote this year get this crazy man out of office!

04/27/12 4:45 am

My son recently sent out 2 resumes, got 2 interviews, and was offered 2 jobs. I guess being in the right field helps.

mamita Alabama
04/27/12 1:27 am

Well I earn online but that's it. I have no car so would be hard getting to work.

04/26/12 11:53 pm

If you can work from home, Apple is hiring support personnel. They value good customer service skills and will teach you the technical. It is a great way to start over in a new industry.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/26/12 11:37 pm

@ party free. My son lives in Dallas has been looking for 4 years. But they want to stay there as my daughter in law works for HP. Coos county is in the sticks you might try here.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
04/26/12 11:17 pm

Oh, and for y'all ragging on the unemployed with smartphones... some of us actually use our smartphones in our job search. I pay for my smartphone rather than internet, and I've applied for many jobs on this thing, not to mention it's always with me in case of a call or Skype interview for a job.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
04/26/12 11:02 pm

I'm looking for a job after being laid off last August. I just got an e-mail from a prospective employer today saying they had received more than 600 applications for the job. The job market for teachers in Oregon suuuuuuucks right now. Good thing I'm applying in several different states.

04/26/12 10:59 pm

anyone hiring?? I have a bachelors degree :)

fendergirl Ohio
04/26/12 10:18 pm

Trying to find a job in high school right now is really hard. Maybe just in my area, but there's almost nothing.

04/26/12 9:53 pm

I was part of that 15% just 6 weeks ago. After 1 1/2 years of unemployment, I'm finally working again. 15%ers, get a professional resume writer, interview as much as possible for practice, and learn some new skills while you are searching. Trust me it works!!

04/26/12 9:47 pm

@veritas... I consider myself a right-leaning conservative non-Republican... I AM crying about that. I want ALL subsidies to end at the federal level. Corporate and social.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
04/26/12 9:43 pm

Nope. Have a secure job as a hostess at a restaurant until I move off to college in august. After that - who knows?

veritas1 Panda
04/26/12 9:32 pm

@jacksid. Last year, the US government spent 20 times as much on oil subsidies than failed green energy investments. But you won't hear the right crying about that.

But hey, whatever validates your pre-conceived ideological world view.

nightcrow Washington
04/26/12 9:18 pm

Yeah jack hope and change right... He was half right but not change for the better

steel-jack Utah
04/26/12 8:26 pm

If Obama gets another term there will be more experiments with green energy which will drive us into more debt and even higher unemployment. Thanks for the change Obama! :(

04/26/12 7:59 pm

Correction: County Clerk's Office. A DBA is relatively inexpensive, lasts 10 years, and the state of TX does not require it to be unique. However, it is a good idea.

04/26/12 7:57 pm

@iForgot: If you really are in Texas... Go down to your local County Court House and file for a DBA (Doing Business As). You can call your Assumed Name whatever you want (for example: iForgot Consulting). Then every time you give someone free advice, you can call it Work History.

Jzz California
04/26/12 7:28 pm

book nerd the question states AND LOOKING.

Nerdz Texas
04/26/12 7:24 pm

I'm unemployed because I'm too young

04/26/12 7:04 pm

thank god I've been at a job I love for 6 months now! job hunting is a nightmare

04/26/12 6:43 pm

@andre2100. This app can be use on iPod touch or iPad, which it was probably bought when they were employed. Because someone is unemploy doesn't mean they have to get rid of their stuff.

O13 Alabama
04/26/12 6:36 pm

@ACapitalis: outstanding point. Clean, concise, and well thought out. Truly an amazing comment! Well done.

04/26/12 6:22 pm

Well I'm 17 and was looking for a job. 8 applications later, and no interviews, I'm still unemployed. Well, I can't put job history on an application if I have none. I'm still in high school

burdman Nowhere
04/26/12 5:50 pm

I'm 16 and I just got a job on Tuesday! :D

monkeyy Ohio
04/26/12 4:48 pm

Technically I'm unemployed (I'm still in school) but I'm not looking for a job (I babysit does that count?).

GirlOnFire Ohio
04/26/12 4:47 pm

I'm not old enough to work but I guess I'm unemployed:) heehee just kidding.

KillShot Wisconsin
04/26/12 4:26 pm

not unemployed but still looking

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/26/12 4:25 pm

those that are unemployed, do you feel the critical pressure from society? we are programmed to get our value from what we do or how much we have. the lie runs deep. we work to eat only

spadam Louisiana
04/26/12 4:15 pm

I would've voted Yes 2 weeks ago, but I am about to start a job for the 1st time in 2 years!

spadam Louisiana
04/26/12 4:13 pm

It does not take much money to use this app. You don't even need a smartphone!

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
04/26/12 4:10 pm

I am retired why look for a job after 48 years of working,loving every minute of it.