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Show Of Hands March 28th, 2013 12:55am

Accused Aurora, CO theater shooter James Holmes's lawyers have offered a plea deal to keep him off death row. If you were prosecuting, would you take it?

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spezria26 Connecticut
03/31/13 11:19 pm

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the death penalty, I'm only 13 after all, but I feel like he murdered a ton of people and left people emotionally scarred & physically injured. The only way to properly get them the justice and closure they deserve and crave is the death penalty.

03/31/13 11:22 am

The death penalty is completely un-human. Do human deserves to die, I understand how what Holme's did is extremely horrifying but people who want to kill this man are no better than him. He killed and now you want to kill... Smh ????

ZestOfClementine Ye Olde 802
03/31/13 6:00 am

I consider myself generally opposed to the death penalty. But go ahead and fry that POS.

l1f3 places
03/30/13 2:44 pm

Death is too easy prison is hell.

03/29/13 6:57 pm

I don't think they should kill him,
I say life in solitary confinement.
He'd probably hang himself with his jeans or something after a few months

03/29/13 5:50 pm

OJ's case was whodunit. That's not an issue for this defendant. The worst case scenario for the prosecution is Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity and Holmes spends the rest of his life in a mental institution.

03/29/13 4:29 pm

the death penalty is ridiculous. it is nothing more than an easy way out for people who have done horrible things. these people deserve nothing more than to suffer.

ZestOfClementine Ye Olde 802
03/31/13 6:02 am

I agree in most cases. But why should society pay for shit heads like that to sit around in prison for the rest of their lives.

frostedchalk warehouse 13
03/29/13 2:49 pm

Of they just put a bullet in his head right after trial I would say yes but because he has the chance to appeal he will end up costing us more money in prison. Plus there is a code in prison and you better believe someone is going to kill that pos before the state would.

03/29/13 9:52 am

It will cost tax payers a fortune to cover appeals and trials, and he will never be executed anyway so why not let him rot in prison, guaranteed. I'd really rather an instant death penalty but since that doesn't exist, take the guaranteed sentence - no chance of him walking that way.

03/29/13 4:06 am

Take it. Save the government a small fortune taking it to trial. He will still get life with no possibility of parole. No automatic Appeal. More government $$ saved

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
03/29/13 12:40 am

No deal - he's clearly guilty as Hell. And expedite his appeals, so we can execute him soon.

03/29/13 12:32 am

Fellow libs, you have disappointed me. I can assume many of you don't support the death penalty when you aren't over run with emotions, but you support it when the shooter pisses you off.

BCKR Onward and upward
03/30/13 8:53 am

This country has a love affair with vengeance. Even many liberals get caught up in it. It's part of the Puritan legacy; we have a tough time distinguishing between "punishment" and "justice."

ZestOfClementine Ye Olde 802
03/31/13 6:05 am

My problem with the death penalty is the racist way its carried out (troy davis). The theater shooter is a perfect example of the kind of extreme and rare case when i do support it. Keeping unrepairably deranged people is prison is completely impractical.

ZestOfClementine Ye Olde 802
03/31/13 6:06 am

And BCKR. Idk if thats puritan, thats more of a human nature thing.

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
03/28/13 10:29 pm

Yeah cause Im sure everyone in Colorado are just dying to pay for his living for the next 50 years or so.

frostedchalk warehouse 13
03/29/13 2:51 pm

Actually the death penalty costs more money. He can appeal which ends up costing more in the long run.

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
03/29/13 6:58 pm

The death penalty vs 50 years? I don't think so sir.

03/28/13 10:16 pm

Hm... Death row for the next 10 - 70 years or life in prison, what's the difference again?... Anyway, if I were prosecuting I'd be going for the sure thing.

satiricalnick meh
03/28/13 9:45 pm

Im leaning more and more towards opposing the death penalty. Convince me to come back to the light.

03/28/13 8:38 pm

Too bad he didn't do what all these other cowards do and off himself at the end of his rampage.

03/28/13 7:09 pm

Bring him to Texas! We'll take care of his pathetic ass

Abolitionist Voice of the people
03/28/13 6:57 pm

GOP doesn't trust the government but they trust the government enough to determine whether someone dies or not?

03/28/13 6:53 pm

Life without parole in general population is a worse punishment than painless lethal injection, plus it will save trial expenses. Take the deal.

hvp828 Carolina girl
03/28/13 6:39 pm

I voted yes because I'm against the death penalty. But I can sort of understand why people are for it. Always a tough one.

hapiotter2 Utah
03/28/13 6:18 pm

The plea will save the State of Colorado millions in trial and appeals expenses, plus the dirtbag will spend the rest of his life in jail. Best result in a bad situation.

03/28/13 5:12 pm

That dirtbag should be executed. Nobody who kills innocent people should be given a second chance,

1111111 Wayne
03/28/13 5:32 pm

Life in prison is not exactly a second chance.

03/28/13 6:31 pm

In this day life in prison is rarely actually life

FemmeFatale Louisiana
03/28/13 4:11 pm

He killed innocent people. Why is he even having a trial? He's already guilty.

03/28/13 4:18 pm

Everyone gets a trail. We all know he's going to get a harsh punishment, but everyone gets a trail.

susanr Colorado
03/28/13 5:37 pm

United States Constitution. That's why.

thatnurseguy Fargo, ND
03/28/13 4:05 pm

Whether he was mentally unhealthy or a psychopath, I believe that life would be better. If he is mentally unstable then at least he could get the help he needs and live a possibly productive life (in prison). If he is simply a psychopath then I would want him kept alive to live with his guilt.

03/28/13 4:48 pm

If he is a psychopath there will be no guilt other than a regret that he was caught and locked up.

thatnurseguy Fargo, ND
03/28/13 5:54 pm

And he will spend the rest of his life behind bars regretting this. Probably all alone since he would probably be killed if put with the rest of the inmate population.

03/28/13 3:15 pm

I think rotting in prison for life is much worse punishment than a painless death. So I voted I would take it on that premise...

03/28/13 2:52 pm

Part of me believes he'll be living a life of hell in jail anyways. Part of me thinks he should fry, but that might be the easy way out. Part of me wishes he could get tortured for the rest of his life.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
03/28/13 3:43 pm

"Fry"? Where do you think that still happens?

03/28/13 2:49 pm

The death penalty is stupid.... Hasn't the incident resulted in enough loss of life?

ncbuc Get Over It
03/28/13 4:03 pm

Nope. One more...The only appropriate one.

thatnurseguy Fargo, ND
03/28/13 4:07 pm

An eye for an eye, as they say. He has proven that his life isn't worth saving. However, I do believe that life would be the better option. Maybe, years from now once he has been I'm prison for awhile he will be able to help us prevent future massacres like this one. Either way, I prefer life too.

ncbuc Get Over It
03/28/13 4:12 pm

No appeals....there is no doubt of his guilt. It should be done next week. Avoid further costs. If he was a dog that killed a person, he'd already be in the ground....Holmes is a lesser life form than the dog.

Just do it. Nike could sponsor....????

ncbuc Get Over It
03/28/13 4:20 pm

I see your point about helping in the future. Seems far fetched to me. This isn't Hannibal Lector. And we haven't gained anything from keeping Manson alive for 40 years.

thatnurseguy Fargo, ND
03/28/13 4:27 pm

True, and I didn't mean like Hannibal or anything like that. Maybe studies or something. If he is dead we lose many options.

trav Instagram, travisdover
03/28/13 2:30 pm

Yes, save the taxpayer's money. Give him a life sentence.

(If you think life in prison costs more than capital punishment, look it up)

03/28/13 2:37 pm

It saves money. But in this case- kill that bastard

trav Instagram, travisdover
03/28/13 2:43 pm

To me, it's more important to reduce taxes than it is for this man to die

CowgirlUp788 New Jersey
03/28/13 2:02 pm

Call me old school traditional but eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

angryathiest seeing double
03/28/13 1:42 pm

He is the shooter no doubt so take him out back and shoot him. It is a waste of time, money and resources convicting this monster.

dramatic13 Tennessee
03/28/13 12:47 pm

He committed the crime, he knew the consequeces. Let him pay for it.

mattyematt Sacramento
03/28/13 12:36 pm

You have way more than you need to get a conviction. Why even entertain the idea of a plea deal?

ClunkySpoon Next to Oleta Adams
03/28/13 12:08 pm

I actually feel sorry for this kid. So messed up. The whole situation sucks.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/28/13 12:48 pm

"He didn't give 12 people the chance to plea bargain and say, `Let's see if you're going to shoot me or not,'" said Cowden, whose two teenage daughters were with their father when he was killed.

I cant think of a messed up enough excuse to say that Id feel sorry for the guy. Why do you?

03/28/13 8:41 pm

Are you serious? He's a piece of shit and didn't deserve an ounce of sympathy. What's wrong with you? I'm tired of people acting like we should feel sorry for these societal bottom feeders

03/28/13 12:04 pm

Who CARES if he was mentally ill? Tell that to the families of those he killed. He attempted numerous suicides in jail, so if he wants to die, let him.

03/28/13 11:40 am

Caught red handed. Should be publicly executed to show every one what will happen if they choose to do something of this manner

03/28/13 10:56 am

Let him burn. Slowly

03/28/13 10:35 am

I say they should take it. Just because lifetime in prison is a worse punishment than death row

angryathiest seeing double
03/28/13 1:44 pm

It also costs hundreds of thousands of dollars I keep him in jail for life. Bullets aren't that expensive.

03/28/13 10:21 am

I don't believe in plea deals... Anytime I did a crime, I knew the consequences of being caught.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
03/28/13 10:09 am

What is WRONG with Democrats? fry that motherf*******

daniellerjr24 Colorado
03/28/13 12:18 pm

People who don't want to fry others are the ones who have something wrong with them?

03/28/13 8:44 pm

Daniell, when it comes to scum like Holmes, those of you who feel sympathy for this piece of shit are the ones who have something wrong with them

AfroJedi A galaxy far, far away
03/28/13 9:47 am

No. Why waste taxpayers money keeping him locked up? Just give him the chair and be done with it already.

Homgrwn Lost
03/28/13 9:32 am

I would want him to spend the rest of his life getting beat and raped than to take the easy way out on death row by himself and killed off by falling asleep!

Userperson merry passover
03/28/13 9:31 am

You're all so cruel, he was MENTALLY ILL.

daniellerjr24 Colorado
03/28/13 9:49 am

Honestly, I'm really disgusted by these comments

sozman Princeton
03/28/13 10:06 am

He wasn't completely ill... He was attempting to go for his phd

daniellerjr24 Colorado
03/28/13 12:19 pm

IQ or education have no bearing on mental illness

sozman Princeton
03/28/13 12:23 pm

I know they don't have any correlation with each other, but he knew what he was doing. People from CO are fucked up

leary Dulag Luft
03/28/13 1:38 pm

He knew exactly what he was doing and he obviously knew it was wrong.

03/28/13 8:48 pm

What the fuck does that matter?? He's a murderer. If someone killed a loved one of yours would you be less angry and devastated just because the mother fucker if looney tunes??

Mindyflyz Dreamland
03/28/13 9:29 am

I think we should people alive if solely for our better understanding of why they offend. So that we can prevent it. Personally I feel that gives the offender a chance to address whatever was wrong in the first place. Doesn't make the crime justified, but we can right wrongs maybe in this way.

03/28/13 9:05 am

Taking lives is a slippery slope, whether it is the death penalty or abortion.

daniellerjr24 Colorado
03/28/13 9:02 am

Really disturbing discussion. Both sides seem to want more than anything to maximize suffering and some of the methods suggested are positively sick. No matter how terrible their act, there is something wrong if you find delight in twisted fantasy of someone's terrible suffering and death. Ugh.

03/28/13 8:52 am

I hate that SOH and others even mention his name. Why let the evil people gain the notoriety or public recognition? The practice of purposeful non-use of actual name by all media outlets might deter fame-seeking psychopaths from heinous activity.

03/28/13 8:42 am

Solitary confinement for the rest of his life would be WAY worse than the death penalty