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Show Of Hands March 25th, 2013 7:15pm

Follow-up: since the 2013 payroll tax change went into effect, are you spending more or less?

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dilbert The Dakotas
03/27/13 5:58 am

The caveat to that is I have less going into savings.

jenks76 Western Kentucky
03/27/13 5:41 am

I'm spending less but it's mostly because I was laid off in January and have nothing to spend.

ArechiDan Post Apocalyptic America
03/27/13 5:22 am

Yea...screw you Obama.

And screw you obama supporters too :)

jtopo Istrouma
03/27/13 3:41 am

Now that I'm bringing home less, I'm spending less. Unlike the federal government, my outgoing expenses cannot exceed my income. I call it a "budget." It's a nifty idea. I wonder if I should write someone in Congress about it. I hear they don't use one…

Fact FL
03/27/13 3:07 am

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SouthernG Man Cave
03/26/13 9:31 pm

Trick question. If your paying more in are you spending more? Unless you pay no taxes in the first place ....ahem 47% folks

bnnt Los Angeles
03/26/13 8:54 pm

Spending less so Obama can take more vacations.

03/27/13 8:16 pm

Once a month. What a life

Quinnipiac Here
03/26/13 8:43 pm

why is there so few votes & comments for ths query?

03/26/13 8:38 pm

Spending less, trying to save more

03/26/13 8:24 pm

Spending less, wish I was saving more.

DamageInc California
03/26/13 7:44 pm

Less. And it's too bad the government can't figure out how to do that too.

I noticed that more Dems are spending more. I guess since taxes have gone up so have their entitlements.

03/26/13 7:39 pm

Less! And it sucks! I'm gonna try juggling a 2nd job this summer to try and make some more $$$$

03/26/13 6:53 pm

I'm certainly spending more on taxes.

03/26/13 6:48 pm


03/26/13 7:22 pm

It feels like the savings we worked so hard for isn't worth crap anymore.... It's sad, the American dream is dead.

03/26/13 8:45 pm

I'm optimistic about the "American dream", but it's fading

user321 Indiana
03/26/13 6:44 pm

I'm spending more on taxes....

coachgeorge95 Texas
03/26/13 6:36 pm

Unless you are spending the same amount or more percentage-wise of your disposable income (which is LESS now because of the INCREASE in taxes paid), then you are undoubtably spending less!

03/26/13 6:20 pm

Prices are still rising, tax increases notwithstanding.

jmw7477 Indiana
03/26/13 5:32 pm

We're spending a little less. That tax cost us $832 a year.

03/26/13 5:31 pm


Quinnipiac Here
03/26/13 5:28 pm

I'm spending less. Thanks, Obumma.

03/26/13 5:56 pm

How did that man get elected? Why would anyone vote for Obama?

TideGal CFL
03/26/13 6:30 pm

Not sure, step. Fooled by his lies?? --promised "free" stuff to the point that they didn't care that there is no such thing as free... Nothing is free, someone pays for it. Or I suppose you always have the true socialist? Or maybe just plain stupid?

panamera Vermont
03/26/13 8:02 pm

5 years ago I had a great job making more than enough to support my family. Also had great insurance! Now I'm making 2/3 my old salary with cheap insurance. I was laid off twice in the process. So.... I'm not better off and neither is our country! Who would ever vote for him??

poopooboudreaux New Orleans
03/26/13 5:10 pm

POTUS said a few years back that he would not raise taxes one dime, well I got stung with 16 bucks a week. Liar!

swjboucher Just Run
03/26/13 5:06 pm

Someone tell me how I can take in less and spend more. Also I'm not the brightest bulb in the box so if you can show me the math using numbers with less than six zeros.

Liberty 4,032,064
03/26/13 5:17 pm

Government math. You know, the same kind where you increase spending 5.5% and call it a cut.

MrWolfe Nashville
03/26/13 5:21 pm

My cousin (referenced below) lost something like $76/week when they went into effect. I have another friend who lost approx.$90/week.
Neither are Corporate CEO's.
One is the head line-cook at a local Longhorn's, and the other is a manager at a Papa John's pizza.
Politicians are liars. Straight-up.

Liberty 4,032,064
03/26/13 5:26 pm

My wife and I are having $125 more taken from us each month.

SouthernG Man Cave
03/26/13 9:33 pm

Easy, your one of the 47%'ers that pay no taxes.

SouthernG Man Cave
03/26/13 9:34 pm

Or on credit cards.....because we learn from congress that we can spend more than we take in.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
03/26/13 4:57 pm

Our economy is based on consumption!
To spend less removes cash from the economy, hurts small business startups, and makes us weak globally.

Stop hurting America!

MrWolfe Nashville
03/26/13 5:01 pm

What if the tax-cut took away nearly the exact amount of discretionary income you'd normally spend?
Does spending bill money, thereby getting behind on your bills, help the economy?

MrWolfe Nashville
03/26/13 5:02 pm

I ask because I have a cousin in this exact scenario. When he & I looked at how his paycheck was affected, it was obvious.

chinito Florida
03/26/13 4:47 pm

I am spending more.


Barak Obama

03/26/13 4:49 pm

Spending and taxing the rich is not the solution....

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
03/26/13 4:43 pm

Who would SPEND MORE when they take home less?


Glad I work 25% of the year for absolutely nothing.

TideGal CFL
03/26/13 6:40 pm

Oh rebel, we work for those in need. Some who truly are and Some like my brother in law, no job for 15 yrs, yet still manages to draw unemployment and an EIB card. How? you might ask.. I have no clue! I am SO sick of the poor little ole me attitude. Get off your ass! He chooses not to work.

shovelhead someplace with coffee
03/26/13 4:42 pm

I now make less so I spend more just to screw with the system

TideGal CFL
03/26/13 4:41 pm

I have less to spend so of course I am spending less. But I thought taxes wouldn't go up on ppl making $250k or less. Oh, wait.... Another lie by our superb regime of an administration. I should learn to expect such nonsense.

03/26/13 4:36 pm

It was unfortunate that because of irresponsible partisan bickering the payroll tax increased.

MrWolfe Nashville
03/26/13 4:26 pm