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Show Of Hands September 19th, 2011 12:00am

Better baseball: the extra offensive power from designated hitters, or the increased strategy from pitchers batting?

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09/20/11 4:42 pm

I've never seen 16 hr in 1 game. If I did I would root for it, just like I would for any extreme. Most k's. Most SB. Most triples. At the ballpark i love offense because it makes the game longer for the same high price and I can't see details of pitches that far away.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
09/20/11 3:38 pm

Last I saw there 9 players on the field at one time not 15.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/20/11 3:21 pm

Baseball isn't about homers. You might as well be watching those guys in the NBA hogging the ball all game. A homer may be exciting, but when there's 15 in a game, who's still cheering by the 16th one??

09/20/11 2:51 pm

I'm protesting baseball until they let them take steroids again. Loved watching Barry bonds and McGwire!

09/19/11 10:47 pm

@Angi, that's what I did :)

dsduderyan Ohio
09/19/11 8:17 pm

I would choose the DH except they rarely have a significantly better average than the rest of the team

09/19/11 5:57 pm

I remember a baseball commentator saying that the batter (the pitcher) should just go ahead and "flail away", which he did on 3 pitches. My guess is he likes a DH

angi Ohio
09/19/11 5:43 pm

I don't even understand this I answered so I could read the comments to understand.

09/19/11 5:13 pm

It really doesn't take much strategy to tell the worst hitter on the team to bunt lol

Nerdz Texas
09/19/11 4:31 pm

finally the glitch is over and now I can vote. I don't like baseball so I don't care (no offense to baseball fans)

09/19/11 1:10 pm

Who the hell wants the pitcher hit? I know I know every once on a while you get a guy who can hit, but sweet Jesus it's basically an automatic out. Give me a dh & let's roll!!

DamageInc California
09/19/11 10:49 am

Strategy so the baseball managers actually have to think once in a while.

ETSUbuc90 Illinois
09/19/11 10:40 am

Pitching battles are snooze fests

Soitgoes Missouri
09/19/11 10:25 am

Small ball wins more games for us Cardinals fans and we have some mighty big bats. (Bad timing for my comment though, as Pujols homered a three run shot last night.)

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/19/11 10:08 am

Yeah Vangaurde, have you lost any more bodyfat percentage from a week ago?


Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
09/19/11 8:52 am

One can only produce 'so much power (w-out roids), then you have to turn to strategy....

09/19/11 8:37 am

Here on Show Of Ass most people opted against power? Strange.

09/19/11 6:45 am

Whoa, looking at the stats right now, this is something the majority of Americans agree on. Ah, the great American pastime :)

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
09/19/11 6:22 am

The American League got it right,more excitement,,,,YAWN.

cryskull Culpeper, VA
09/19/11 6:20 am

Um, who cares. The question should be.

Are you going to continue to give major league sports money so the players can make millions on a freaking GAME.

LicensedNe North Carolina
09/19/11 5:36 am

Designated hitters are strong enough, now teams need to work on their pitchers at the plate.

09/19/11 12:55 am

I was thinking this would be split by party lines but it does not look like it. This can be a very touchy issue.

09/18/11 11:51 pm

if you put superior intellect, then you should change your name to Khan

09/18/11 11:38 pm

In my softball team, I am the pitcher AND the vest hitter on the team. This is due to my superior genes, and my perfect physical condition.

09/18/11 11:32 pm

FoxNewsLvr I think may be our new troll... lol.

09/18/11 11:31 pm


09/18/11 10:40 pm

The DH actually increases strategy. There is little diff among nl managers regarding when pitchers bunt and they all save ph for the pitchers. In the al there are some that ph often and some rarely. I like the DH because of the added full time player and the added strategy.

09/18/11 10:27 pm

If you can't run, hit, field, and throw than don't play baseball. DHs suck.

09/18/11 10:17 pm

Carlos Zambrano's reason enough for me

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
09/18/11 9:46 pm

For those who don't know this is a great question. The American league allows teams to have a Designated Hitter (DH) that is used to hit instead of the pitcher. While the National league requires the pitcher to hit. I like the requirement for every player to hit.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/18/11 9:19 pm

My husband voted. Beavers back to back college world champs.

Lulzy New Jersey
09/18/11 9:01 pm

I am not a fan of baseball. You need strategy in any sport if you want to succeed. Pointless question.

09/18/11 8:55 pm

Ha whatever makes sure that Kenyan doesn't throw the next start of season ball.

jamesmay Tampa
09/18/11 8:36 pm

Freelander, it's still a league, there are no conferences on baseball

ElaineB87 South Carolina
09/18/11 8:27 pm

NL baby NL!!! strategy how can you argue against the freak throwing 15 Ks a game

09/18/11 8:26 pm

Conference* not league. Sorry

09/18/11 8:26 pm

I'm a Philly Fan so I like it the way the league does it, which is putting their pitchers at bat. It adds a better dynamic to the play. However I like how the leagues differ in those rules.

09/18/11 8:08 pm

Is this really a question? Would you rather see someone who has a a .320 average and can hit the ball 450 feet bat or some who bats .050 and prays for a walk every at bat

09/18/11 8:02 pm

Baseball is about hitting and fielding. If you can't do both give back you multi million dollar contract. I hate DHs. And I especially hate designated runners - but maybe that's only lower levels...

09/18/11 8:00 pm

I prefer the dh. I wouldn't mind pitchers batting if they actually spent any time working on it so they could bat semi decently. It is just as entertaining as watching a dh try to hit.