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Show Of Hands March 25th, 2013 2:00pm

Would you rather be marooned on a beautiful tropical island all by yourself, or somewhere much less pleasant (but still survivable) with a random stranger?

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03/30/13 9:24 pm

What's this less pleasant place? I'm already from Jersey, how much worse can it be?

03/30/13 11:37 am

I'd need companionship plus it'd give me someone to brainstorm with for survival & rescue

03/29/13 9:52 pm

If its one handsome guy, HECK YEAH;)

61050 Pacific Northwest
03/29/13 6:06 pm

if i could choose the stranger, id consider it. peace and quiet + a beautiful location are both pluses in my book. why would i want someone else there to mess up my serenity, in a crappy area no less. *boggle*

louise25 Florida
03/28/13 10:54 pm

The stranger must be a male, attractive an hold convo. Actually scratch that. we don't really need to talk.

EdenCross Garden of Eden
03/28/13 2:55 am

Could be an amazing stranger. After all strangers are friends we haven't met yet.

03/27/13 4:01 pm

It amazes me, just how much humans need human interaction in order to survive. If not for the company, it compensates for the hungry once the other drops.

trav Instagram, travisdover
03/26/13 11:51 pm

If it's a random English speaker, then probably. If it's an English speaker and female, then yes. These are important contingencies.

03/26/13 9:41 pm

I'd go crazy without someone else. I'd hate to be stranded with a jackass though.

ishady 86451132020
03/27/13 3:35 pm

Glenn beck? No, Rush Limbaugh. No wait,Michele Bachman. All three?

03/26/13 6:47 pm

Two people can get more done and have a better chance of survival + isolation can drive social species (like humans) crazy

03/26/13 6:29 pm

Me only, having a stranger sounds like the set up to a romantic comedy. Not too many people can be by themselves for long.

03/26/13 5:42 pm

i chose me only because it didn't say what the other sex would be

manuporsusi San Juan, PR
03/26/13 12:40 pm


sarah1911 Poolesville MD
03/26/13 6:56 am

What fun is beautiful tropical if you can't share it? I know some loners though. I'll miss them. :(

EnginE3r Texas
03/26/13 6:05 am

As long as that random person is a hot and pleasant girl

03/26/13 4:46 am

I would choose the not so pleasant place but God please make it Kate Upton!!!!!!!!!!

centexken Republic of Texas
03/26/13 4:28 am

Since I can't select the person I picked the island. If I get lonely I can talk to the wildlife.

EarlyBird Portland
03/26/13 6:20 am

You'd pick no one over another man?

hippiedude fields of green
03/25/13 11:47 pm

If that stranger was a really attractive girl than maybe. But I would do fine by myself, especially in a nice place :)

03/25/13 11:10 pm

Depends. Long term or forever... Maybe a stranger. Short term... Definitely myself.

03/25/13 8:27 pm

If I can have animals around, I couldn't care less what happened to everyone else. Now if I got to chose between my family on a rougher island or solitude, I'd probably go with my family. Random people, I have no connection with, nor do I much care about them.

03/25/13 8:02 pm

An awful random stranger is preferable to slowly going insane from solitude.

03/25/13 7:11 pm

Depends. On a rougher island, I wouldn't want another liability.

saylor NC
03/25/13 6:40 pm

I like the beach. And I like myself. I think I'd be ok.

03/25/13 6:33 pm

Naaaa no threat. :-) not in a political frazzle people mood tonight.

FallenRegime Unknown
03/25/13 6:16 pm

Depends on how hot she is and if she wants to repopulate!

stefanie22 Cincinnati
03/25/13 6:12 pm

Not that I'd really wanna be all alone, but the random stranger could be totally awful!!

03/26/13 5:30 am

You could always kill it for food

03/25/13 6:03 pm

This was such a hard question!

ethanmay Oklahoma
03/25/13 6:01 pm

I'm just crossing my fingers that this "random stranger" will be a total babe.

8ESBABY Houston
03/25/13 5:57 pm

Well, considering my own shadow pisses me off, Id rather be solo, however, 2 is better than 1. Oh, and I wouldn't ENSLAVE them either (*clears throat* commenters below). And I had JUST stated how Americans have an unhealthy sense of entitlement.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
03/25/13 5:31 pm

Can I set the parameters of the sample pool? ????

03/25/13 5:29 pm

The stranger better be hot.

dcool Detroit
03/25/13 5:31 pm

After forever and a day, I bet you they will!

Diogenes FreeMeBe
03/25/13 5:28 pm

Most animals are social; therefore, in a paradise I'd have plenty of friends to talk to without ever arguing!


barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
03/25/13 5:26 pm

Us but the random stranger better be nice!

ryno Flyover Country
03/25/13 5:10 pm

Pry myself. Hoping I get a cool sidekick monkey on the island.

03/25/13 4:07 pm

Disowned my siblings, girlfriend lives 500 miles away, son is grown, single and living alone for the last 12, not a big change so bring on paradise.

8ESBABY Houston
03/25/13 6:02 pm

Disowned your siblings?!?! BRUTAL! Did they murder a family member or something???

03/25/13 6:41 pm

The reason was posted as a poll question about two weeks ago. A Will dispute.

03/25/13 11:13 pm

Not everyone has perfect families. It's not that uncommon for disputes anymore

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
03/25/13 3:48 pm

Obama is president. That is all.

03/25/13 5:16 pm

What if he was your random person? :-)

pinkreign Oh So Sweet
03/25/13 5:25 pm

Hey…. That's not funny! ????????

zman117 Ohio
03/25/13 5:36 pm

Not an Obama fan Pink Reign?

03/25/13 5:51 pm

If he was my random person, I'd give it 6 months before he'd want to tax my coconuts, I know it. No way...

pinkreign Oh So Sweet
03/25/13 5:54 pm

How about we leave that opinion for another discussion, Zman! LOL!

zman117 Ohio
03/25/13 6:01 pm

Ha ha, ok lets do that.

03/25/13 6:10 pm

Sounds like a plan... Next time.

pinkreign Oh So Sweet
03/25/13 6:19 pm

Hidden, that almost came across as a threat! ????

03/25/13 6:43 pm

Sorry Pink...I'm getting a bit tired, my response is my last entry at the top.

pinkreign Oh So Sweet
03/25/13 6:51 pm

Oh, that's cool, Hidden. Get some sleep, sweetie.

03/25/13 6:54 pm

Soon Pink, soon. Have a wonderful evening.

Wert A picture of my junk
03/25/13 3:41 pm

Tough choice. But, from a survival perspective, the other person would be a protein source. ????

8ESBABY Houston
03/25/13 6:08 pm

Ooh, I didn't think about that. Well, if that's the reason for the rando (or 1 of) then Ill pass on this adventure. I've seen 'Alive' - no bueno!

JackTorS Clap you stupid bastards
03/25/13 3:36 pm

Give me the beautiful tropical island that meets my every need and I can get by with being alone.
Everyone knows that people are ašsholes. I would just be the head ašshole on the island.

AngryAngel Oswego, IL
03/25/13 3:30 pm

Depends on if the stranger is female,
Attractive, and if her voice is not annoying.

AngryAngel Oswego, IL
03/25/13 3:31 pm

Otherwise I'll just stick to: WILSON!!!!

03/25/13 3:12 pm

Tom Hanks starring in Castaway was all about this. We Are a social species and isolation is more painful than struggle.

FyndFyre Moon Base Alpha
03/25/13 3:03 pm

I'm not really a people's person; I'd much rather be alone.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
03/25/13 3:00 pm

I would love to be alone and be able to relax. :)

rare_sense North Carolina
03/25/13 2:49 pm

As long as there's an abundance of rum, I don't care

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
03/25/13 2:17 pm

I don't care where it is, as long as Im not alone. Being alone short term is okay, but marooned? Yeah right.

03/25/13 2:12 pm

I have a favorite phantasy: that suddenly all people are gone and I'm marooned on a planet devoid of people.