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Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/25/13 9:02 am

I love snow days, and I don't think cabin fever is a real thing. When we get one of the rare big snows that closes school and makes getting around tough, everybody in the neighborhood gets together to help dig each other out and marvel at the beauty. It's fun. No real snow for us this season.

Emma Austin.ish.
03/25/13 8:36 am

To all those who don't like snow days: I'll be happy to take yours, thankyouverymuch.

RJ1969 SoCal
03/25/13 8:10 am

What is this 'snow' you speak of?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/25/13 11:34 am

Enjoy your sunshine RJ. I recommend you take a ski trip whoe you are in the mood.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/25/13 6:52 am

I think we all need an unexpected break now and then.