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Do you believe beyond any reasonable doubt that Osama Bin Laden is dead? (UserQ)

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davylj Florida
10/06/11 11:49 pm

If he was alive he would send out another video to make us all look like idiots.

10/04/11 12:41 pm

i just heard something about him maybe not being dead but i dont believe it seal team six definitly killed him they built a replica of the house and could go through it blindfolded no way he could escape in that amount of time when they know where he is

10/01/11 7:46 pm

People, he's dead. Get over it.

09/30/11 8:38 pm

he's dead but we didn't kill him

09/28/11 5:21 pm

Sw, I plan on working hard and not staying poor. I want policies that are helpful to me throughout my life- poor, middle class, or rich. I don't want any class favored or screwed over. Being poor is hard regardless, but I'd rather pay fairly now then get screwed later.

09/28/11 11:49 am

Centrist where did u get that info?There's been trillions on bailout money plus QE1 and QE2 and interest rates are being kept at zero for 2-3years...and now we he's doing the "twist"? These are all record numbers and inflation is huge and will continue to rise..stop using govt realistic

09/28/11 1:35 am

...not beyond any reasonable doubt..

09/27/11 3:53 pm

Centrist are you being sarcastic?

09/27/11 9:17 am

Ben Bernanke is actually the LEAST inflationary Fed Head in decades. Look up the numbers on inflation. Facts are facts. Facts aren't what they tell you in a debate to get applause.

09/27/11 8:46 am

And it's funny but I haven't heard a dispute about the federal reserve? Fundamentally, our money system is flawed and creates debt..makes people slaves.....still no argument to that? Like I the core..we can't move forward until we exterminate the vermin..

09/27/11 8:28 am

Not Just the CIA about lockead Martin? THEY MAKE WEAPONS AND BOMBS!! how many congressman and politicians have stock in them?'s ok I understand u are not capable of CRITICAL THINKING!! like I said u have Stockholm love the institution that screws u over lol!

09/27/11 8:25 am

Oh yeah so how much did a bottle of coke cost 30 years ago? Or gas? Or gold? Lol again ur trusting govt numbers for inflation!!! Look at the price of energy and food....skyrocketed over the past decade...again veritas u have no clue what ur talking about..that's what happens when u trust!

staunch hawaii
09/27/11 1:00 am

I'm liking this topic, been following you folks for awhile. I'm confused about you @rosebud. Your life experience seems tough, yet you vote against policies that would help you.

09/27/11 12:53 am

Veritas you're wrong about the dollar. Few words. Prices of gold and silver. Second there is a lot more sitting in the top paragraph. It's apparent you didn't look. When you read the other reasons. Yes it is a reason for people who don't care an are money and power hungry. And don't believe in god

veritas1 Panda
09/26/11 11:36 pm

@ronpaul The only motive I saw on that website was that the director of the CIA may have player the derivatives market to make a profit From the subsequent market crash.

Is a that a good motive for massacring 3000 people?

veritas1 Panda
09/26/11 11:34 pm

@screwgovt Actually 95% of Americans benefited from the Obama bailey in the form of tax cuts. And inflation is very low. In fact, in 2009, we DEflated. You have no idea what you're talking about.

09/26/11 11:01 pm

Here's some financial education for u...federal reserve creates money from thin air with nothing backing it...they practice fractional reserve banking..all this causes inflation and straps people like u in me in debt...we fought a revolutionary war against this..why do we have another central bank!?

09/26/11 10:58 pm

Hahaha and usai it urself....NO FINANCIAL EDUCATION!!!! That should be mandatory in public schools...but it's they can screw people over like u...HOW IS THE BAILOUTS HELPING U?

09/26/11 8:23 pm

So do you trust a bank that cant be audited? That manipulates money. How do we know what money they're printing? You don't.

09/26/11 4:34 pm

Well rose bud to start having a role in 9/11 is enough wouldn't you say? Besides that how about the federal reserve, do you know what that is? That's a bank that controls and manipulates our money. NOT governed by the united states. Can not be audited by the USA

09/26/11 3:37 pm

No financial education all his life, had been financially indep for a while, we were expecting a baby, had just moved from where we were going to college to near family, and had no income. Not gov fault. Our own.

09/26/11 3:32 pm

Ok, so what have they taken over? May I ask who pays for the I device you're posting from? Have you been evicted? Or forced to work in a job bc the gov dictated it for you? Or forced out of your job by gov? Or been refused in a hospital?
And we were homeless bc we were just starting out, he'd had

09/26/11 3:00 pm

Wait rosebud. The founding fathers did not base this government to act the way they do. You tell me to leave? So if someone invaded your house and were taking over what you have paid hard to have.. You would leave and say nothing?!!! No you wouldn't. So don't go there.

09/26/11 1:28 pm

And u said u WERE homeless....wonder how that happened? And ever heard of the Tuskegee experiments? Or how about imprisoning japanese Americans during ww2? Or the gulf of Tonkin incident...plz look those up...that's ur govt for u...war profiteers!!!!! Wake up sheep! Or be slaughtered!!

09/26/11 1:26 pm

Wow!! Again how's that bailout for u..our citizens shouldn't need Medicaid or food stamps...the whole reason there is such a thing is because the govt causes inflation which makes food and medicine cost so the point u need Medicaid and food stamps...

09/26/11 11:42 am

And, the gov't got me a public education. They're helping me pay for college. They provided WIC, Medicaid, and food stamps when we needed it. Made it possible for us to get a home and a car so my husband can get to work. Beginning of the tear we were homeless. Without gov't, we still would be.

09/26/11 11:38 am

We aren't complacent. My husband works for what we have, so that I can stay home to raise our daughter. As we aren't paranoid at every step, we're amazingly happy.
Again, the gov is a lot of lying idiots. But not mass murders. That's just disgusting to even think let alone truly believe.

09/26/11 11:36 am

Ok to you two, if America sucks and is so evil, find another country. Yes, we need to change how the gov't is running. But suggesting our gov killed thousands for no reason is just vile pure and simple.
We work for what we have. Our home won't be taken away- theres no reason for eminent domain here.

09/26/11 1:09 am

And rosebud you mention you're poor. Sorry to hear that. What's even worse is that you shouldn't have to accept what they give you. Stop being so complacent. Stand up for what's yours. If you work then should be mad as a hornet where your tax dollars go. Wake up and smell the coffee. It's burning.

09/26/11 1:08 am

It's cool if the government takes ur house and or takes your benefits away...u better be ok with it because u "have it better than anywhere else" again...HOW R THOSE BAILOUTS WORKING FOR U....bailout banks but not the people? Haha what has ur government done for

09/26/11 1:06 am

Rosebud. I understand it's something you don't wanna believe bc it's terrible to think that our very own government would do such a thang. But sorry its true. I know you haven't seen the movie and you're probably afraid. But if you wanna educate yourself watch the movie. Then you can call us crazy.

09/26/11 12:55 am

Obama is a Muslim and Osama is NOT dead. No proof has been given at all. Just the "good word" of the US Government. ( they never lie, right? Operation northwoods, infecting blacks with diseases without telling them, Clinton lying to all america about lewinski, etc.)

09/26/11 12:34 am

Ron and Screw... Please, both of you, can it. Seriously now. 9/11 wasn't a conspiracy by our gov't. It's purely disgusting that you even consider it.
The loons came out of the woodwork on this one...
Btw I'm one of those poor you mentioned. Got it million times better poor here than anywhere else.

09/26/11 12:21 am

Veritas r u scared to admit that government doesn't care about u??? How many more bailouts do u want? How many more jobless and homeless do u need...? Exactly if u really on the state department to tell u their mis deeds...then again...I must diagnose you with stockholm syndrome....looks it up. Lol!

09/26/11 12:19 am

How about to get everybody to agree to go to Afghanistan then make a bunch if money for their wall street friends...if u look at obamas cabinet members they are all wall street...ex Goldman sachs...bushes cabinet members all BIG OIL...conflict of interest veritas??

09/26/11 12:13 am

Here veritas I actually did some simple work for you theres a bone and your reason

09/26/11 12:10 am

Lol the state department comes out and makes a statement, you aren't getting the point that the government was behind this or new about this. State department = government. So if the government had something to do with this. Why would they admit to this (shaking my head veritas) watch the movie

veritas1 Panda
09/26/11 12:05 am

Ok. I'll sink down to you crazies' level: WHY exactly would the government massacre it's own people? Can you answer that key question that 9/11 conspiracy loons can't answer? You need a MOTIVE. What was the motive? And where is the proof to support that?

veritas1 Panda
09/26/11 12:02 am

@ronpaul That website disproved almost every point that your 80 minutes of lies makes. And even the state department of the united states of America felt the need to write an article about how horrific that "movie" was. I'll take their woes over some crazy conspiracy nuts.

09/25/11 10:42 pm

Lol that's because most are.....govt screws people over and over yet we still look for them for guidance....46 million Americans live in poverty...we are the biggest debtor nation in the history of the world!!! U tell that a resume to e proud of? Do u have Stockholm syndrome or what?

09/25/11 10:42 pm

Killakash.. So your name makes people think Americans are stupid. Nah but really. That statement made no sense kash. Everything he said was true, what are you smoking or being fed by the media?

09/25/11 9:47 pm

@screwgovt really bro?? It's people like you that makes people think Americans are stupid

09/25/11 7:39 pm

Yeah ur right the govt's integrity isn't in question at all veritas lol....don't u worry they govt loves u and will take care of u...

09/25/11 7:38 pm! U actually believe in the governments lies? Seriously? How's that bailout doing for ya? Or those weapons of mass destruction? Or they make u believe that world trade building 7 didn't get hit by a plane and it collapsed at almost free fall speed from FIRE! First time in history btw!

09/25/11 7:30 pm

Bin laden is either alive or he's already been dead for years....remember he's a product of OUR CIA....and what's funny is we throw his dead body in the ocean...and all of the pics of his body were photo why can't we see the body? Saddam's hanging was on YouTube! But not bin laden! Lol

09/25/11 7:20 pm

And proven wrong by who?? Who says they're even credible.. Seriously you are the most naive person I have ever met. O wait that's right aren't you a child? My bad understand then,

09/25/11 7:19 pm

Wow so if I went out and put a website that a video of someone murdering one of your family members that they didn't do it. You would accept that? Or would you look into it to make your own opinion?? Exactly. How dumb and naive are you. Just like the WMD fake pictures that the government created??

veritas1 Panda
09/25/11 5:56 pm

@ronpaul Why would I watch something that has been proven wrong? That's a waste of time…give me these alleged "websites" you have continually refused to post and then I might watch it.

For now, it is a 78 minute, lie-filled, inaccurate, pathetic excuse for a journalistic documentary.

09/25/11 5:00 pm

You tell me to go to a website that debunks it.. Yet you're a hypocrite and haven't watched it? Wow.. Next please.

09/25/11 4:59 pm

Lol see there you go. You make fun of something you haven't seen youre making yourself look so dumb and naive