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Do you bring your cell phone with you to the dinner table? (UQ)

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10/21/12 8:43 pm

I wish I didn't.... But I do

10/20/12 7:18 pm

my ringtone is a voice saying "hello". once when my family started to pray at the table, my bro said, "Dear Lord" and my ipod said "Hello!" right after. we all busted out laughing.

10/20/12 6:06 pm

I bring it but i dont use it, i just have in case of emergencies


10/20/12 6:52 am

No. And if you bring yours to my table, I'll take it away until the last person finishes eating.


10/19/12 11:20 pm

I have 4 kids who are out at different times at work or sports. My daughter has health problems, so, ya, i always have my phone with me.

10/19/12 9:10 pm

What's a dinner table?

anonymous0 Nevada
10/19/12 7:52 am

1st I live alone. So it's not like I'm being rude. 2nd I get lonely and I use a speaker so my hands are free. 3rd if its a lot of chewing I get off the phone. 4th if I'm dining out w friends I try to be respectful of the dinner table.

cowboy Proud Father
10/19/12 7:11 am

@bturney Us to. Its called family time for a reason.

10/19/12 1:50 am

We have a standing rule in our house... No phones at the table... And that includes when we go out to eat as well

Weave77 Indianapolis
10/18/12 10:52 pm

Hey, it's not my fault that I get great reception in the kitchen...

purplelolo New York
10/18/12 6:10 pm

the response to this question shows just how sad and dependent most of you are

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
10/18/12 4:16 pm

At dinner, unless it's a family holiday dinner.

not_even Boston, MA
10/18/12 3:31 pm

No. At dinner I talk with people I'm with.

Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
10/18/12 3:04 pm

Lol, republicans have better table manners then democrats.

10/18/12 2:52 pm

Job requires constant ability to get ahold of me

tdaddy Kentucky
10/18/12 2:46 pm

I keep it in my shirt pocket. I keep my shirt on til bedtime.

tdaddy Kentucky
10/18/12 2:44 pm

LOL... A lot of people here actually believe you do that.

10/18/12 2:11 pm

Against rules in my house.

10/18/12 1:49 pm

Of course how else can I text someone to pass something to me?

10/18/12 12:52 pm

Maybe some families realize they should spend time at places other than the dinner table so to them this is not a big deal. I'm not getting the panic of family morals eroding because God forbid a teenager maybe answers a text during a dinner.

10/18/12 12:48 pm

No I think kids are narcissistic because of a lack of parenting and because we have raised kids to think that they are all better than one another, not because they bring a simple electronic to a table. Also why does this just apply to children? Adults do it too.


10/18/12 12:33 pm

Same here bluejay. Hardly use it anytime but I keep it on me

10/18/12 12:27 pm

Yes it's my favorite part of the meal.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
10/18/12 10:57 am

Only because I always have it on me. I don't use it, but I have it. :)

ladyniner81 I hate people
10/18/12 10:33 am

that stuff about work wait?? and to call a boyfriend/girlfriend..really? wait till you get home...I have one and I use it for a alarm to take my meds and that's it..

ladyniner81 I hate people
10/18/12 10:30 am

the results are just sad..I go out to a restaurant and I see people yapping on cellphones and I just want to beat the living piss out of the person who invented those things.., I can understand young parents checking up on their little ones, or maybe someone checking up on someone quickly. But c

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/18/12 8:07 am

I bring it everywhere with me. But 89% of the time it's stowed away in my pocket. Especially during dinner.

10/18/12 7:48 am

We don't eat at the dinner table. Heck we don't even have a dinner table (long story...) but I do bring my cell phone everywhere so yes.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/18/12 7:35 am

If I'm waiting for a phone call I do because that's when you get the calls when you can't run and grab the phone????

HayleyS looking up.
10/18/12 7:27 am

My family has always been extremely relaxed when it comes to this issue.
We all will keep are cell phones around at dinner time.
But my family is also very very close. And we spend more time 'bonding' than just dinner.

GoldenRay On SSBB
10/18/12 7:18 am

I'll have it, but avoid using it.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
10/18/12 7:04 am

Better question!
How many people take their phone into the bathroom (or restroom, what ever you call the water closet) with you?

10/18/12 6:39 am

Yes but that doesn't mean I use it, especially not when we are out to eat. My mother always taught me that dinner time at the table is family time, and any other distraction is just rude. I usually keep it with me at the table in case of an emergency.

cowboy Proud Father
10/18/12 6:34 am

60 percent said yes? Wow... No wonder kids are so narcissistic. What terrible parents.

cowboy Proud Father
10/18/12 6:32 am

No. What's the point of that? The dinner table is for conversation, not texting.


10/18/12 6:08 am

It's usually in my pocket wherever I go.

10/18/12 6:05 am

It is rude. I also don't allow the kids or myself to talk on the phone when we are riding in the car together. I force ; ) them to carry on conversations.

10/18/12 6:02 am

What can be SO pressing or important that you can't take a half hour or so with your loved ones to spend a little quality time?
Come on, give your significant other or kids some of your love, caring and FULL attention! And then we wonder why kids are the way they are nowadays.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
10/18/12 5:40 am

Good to see that you still eat round the dinner table.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
10/18/12 5:39 am

Yes because I eat dinner alone.

10/18/12 4:58 am

Yes, but I do not use it. That really irritates me when people are playing on their phones during a meal, how rude.

10/18/12 4:38 am

Well it's always in my pocket, so yea.

10/18/12 4:14 am

I don't use it. But yes.

10/18/12 4:11 am

Yes unless snaboo