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RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/15/12 3:38 pm

The abortion topic is up now... someone with "no conscious" is considered "not human" in that thread, but someone who consciously takes a life should live. There are some backward thinking people in the world!

03/15/12 1:57 pm

it is not in our power to take another's life! if we do that, we are no better than them! by using the death penalty, we are adding gasoline to a fire of crime!

TheKilling New Jersey
03/13/12 9:14 pm

theres too many people on this planet. jerks must go

03/11/12 6:37 pm

death sentence makes it easy on the person,a life sentence is way worse.

actress12 New Hampshire
03/10/12 11:59 am

@ purple ness:
Definetly! Death sentencing is awful. I know criminals need to be scared of something, but fighting fire with fire only ends with a bigger fire. U rock purpleness!

03/10/12 11:08 am

them fools need to be scared of somethin'!

purpleness Iowa
03/09/12 9:01 pm

Doesn't the fifth amendment or something protect against "cruel and unusual" punishment? I'd say being killed is pretty cruel.

03/08/12 9:26 pm

No, as a catholic christian conservative republican i say its wrong and somtimes innocent people get killed.

03/08/12 8:37 pm

Hammurabi's Code...eye for an eye, a tooth for a kill someone you deserve to be killed.

03/08/12 5:30 pm

and why do we have these expensive chemicals to kill them, why not use a gallows or something cheaap

03/08/12 5:28 pm

its not like they actually use it, i say don't be a pansies and kill the murderer

03/08/12 3:01 pm

There are some people like that Kony guy who don't deserve another breath, but its not up to us to murder the murderers, but the prisons 3 square meals a day... no
1 maybe the other two can go to homeless people

03/08/12 1:45 pm

Get rid of it. Screw criminals rights though. You infringe on someones rights or life, you lose yours. Pro massive unpoliced rooms where sporks and soap are given out freely and only the bare minimum of nutrition and care given. This way they pick each other off and find no reason to return.

03/07/12 6:59 pm

Nowadays, with DNA testing we will have a more accurate idea of who committed the crime. Keep the death penalty.

aam Pennsylvania
03/07/12 6:09 pm

Blah, blah, blah. Keep the death penalty and actually use it. No one will ever convince me to give a crap about a criminals rights.

03/07/12 5:47 pm

y'all Dey better keep it

03/07/12 1:41 pm

For me its just a bit hypocritical to put someone to death for murdering someone. Also there have been numerous times someone was on death row and before execution found innocent. What about the racial inequalities Yes it's there I hav stats on it. And it costs more actually So Im against it for now

03/07/12 6:21 am

Until the government requires the execution of the judge, jury, and prosecuting attorney every time they have been found to have mistakenly sentence an innocent person to death I am against the death penalty. "Beyond" a shadow of a doubt will never be actualized until this practice becomes law.

ncbuc Get Over It
03/07/12 12:53 am

Yea, it costs more because of the increased amounts of legal time spent trying to defend someone against it. Blame the judicial system and lawyers for wasting money on people who 9/10 times are no doubt the guilty. And for me, I'll pay the extra to be sure that person is not out in 10 years. Kill em

BadBadger Georgia
03/06/12 9:56 pm

Assuming all these comments about how much more it costs to put someone to death are correct, I say you get what you pay for. Quality over quantity for me, please. Thank you!

03/06/12 7:57 am

Ironically, it costs taxpayers a lot more to put someone to death than it does to incarcerate them for life. That's reason #1 I say, "end it."

The 2nd is, death (and death row) is the easy way out. I'd rather see them spend life in a max security prison - which I hear ain't much fun - than just die

03/05/12 9:45 am

If they did the murder, rape, etc. Why should we have to pay for them to live their lives behind bars for the rest of their lives. I say for the worst of crimes, they should just be taken completely out of society and no longer a burden to the tax payer

03/05/12 5:13 am

I hate to say it, but there are some that commit crimes so horrible that they just don't deserve to alive in society or have society pay for them to stay in jail.

03/05/12 4:06 am

@arenee: If that criminal's rape, murder, pedophilia, etc. is part of God's great plan for that person, why punish them in the first place?

tannerT Utah
03/05/12 2:56 am

are we really a society of revenge? so so sad

03/05/12 2:31 am

Along with freedom there must be consequences. Those who are eligible for the death penalty rarely afford their victims they plead for themselves. Some will be deterred by the penalty.

03/04/12 10:30 pm

Life is irreplaceable. There is hope for everyone, and by ending someone's life earlier than God intended, you are thwarting his great plans for that person. Anyone who commits a crime that some say is worthy of death should at least be forced to live with the consequences of their actions.

PresidentDonald Washington D.C.
03/04/12 8:59 pm

There are enough humans in this world already. I say kill if neccisary

mamita Alabama
03/04/12 8:26 pm

Why not keep it? I mean even Christians can't really say its wrong. They used to stone ppl in the bible. But I guess some like tax money going towards providing for these criminals.

ncbuc Get Over It
03/04/12 8:26 pm

Epic...veritas? Nothing...can't imagine?after all your posturing? Hard to swallow?

Nerdz Texas
03/04/12 7:55 pm

it seems cruel but there are a lot of people on earth so.....

ncbuc Get Over It
03/04/12 5:39 pm

Yeah murderer pen pals. I forgot I posted. I think a lack of response in 6 hours tells me all I need to know. And for good measure I'm sure you can still look up Wesley chapel fl unsolved crimes to see what I had to clean up. Even 20 something Years later.

03/04/12 12:47 pm

@ncbuc: Sounds like an adopt-a-criminal kind of plan. Someone agrees to feed and house a criminal and the criminal sends them an occasional letter.

ncbuc Get Over It
03/04/12 11:38 am

Guarantee you'd feel differently.

ncbuc Get Over It
03/04/12 11:37 am

People against should clean up a patio full of foul smelling blood that drained out of a persons throat after it was maliciously slit before answering.

gearheadgirl California
03/04/12 11:16 am

Veritas can be civilized with Charles Manson in her home. Go for it.

puppy4127 Michigan
03/04/12 10:54 am

Ppl say euthanize the pitbulls I say euthanize the people who train the dog to do that if it werent for people training the dogs to do bad then we wouldnt have to kill off an entire breed of dog!!!!!!!!!!

03/04/12 10:54 am

I want to speak to the person who believes a man who breaks into a house and murders an entire family should just go to prison for life and get free shelter, food, exercise facilities, and television. You people are disgusting.... There are some who simply don't deserve life.

veritas1 Panda
03/04/12 10:36 am

How are we supposed to have a civilized society if no one, not even the government is interested in being civilized?!

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
03/04/12 9:26 am

I think people deserve it if they deserve it. But the truth is is the rich get away with it and the poor don't. So since its an unfair system, I oppose it. If it could be fair to everyone, it would be a great punishment.

03/04/12 9:05 am

End it!!!! NO ONE deserves that! after all these anti-bullying laws, they kill people! what's that teaching us? to kill people?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/04/12 8:29 am

I'm pro life. The only exception to that is the right to die for the terminally ill.