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EIT Near You
08/14/12 2:39 pm

Thanks KommsWife, I was going to ask that.

Comet? Tennessee
08/13/12 9:43 pm thing, Regions Bank is f**k idiot for stole my overdraft fees many times. 

08/13/12 1:37 pm

There is a HUGE difference between local community banks and mega banks. Check out your local community bank....find one at icba or

KommsWife Indiana
08/13/12 3:43 am

Credit union benefits and rates are always better than a bank. Plus you own part if the credit union, the more you have in savings the more shares you own. You get voting rights. Idk how anyone would want a bank especially with so many getting caught with dirty trading practices

ceej Michigan
08/12/12 9:39 pm

Regarding ATM and branch access - in most cases, if you belong to a credit union, you can use ANY credit union's ATM for free. Also, you can do your branch transactions at Credit Union Service Centers

Comet? Tennessee
08/12/12 1:22 pm

@Happy: really? Raise a glass of wine! 

08/12/12 12:19 pm

hahaha IMO i think that is a bit of an exageration....

Happy Hong Kong
08/12/12 12:06 am

A Private Bank is the best option. No tellers, bankers who come to me, and free coffee, donuts, wine, etc.

IMO atoms, space, opinion
08/12/12 12:05 am

@youknowobama: If it weren't for labor unions, many americans would still be working 10-12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week at 8 years old.

IMO atoms, space, opinion
08/12/12 12:00 am

Th difference is ownership. Banks demand profits (by their owners / share-holders) whereas credit unions are non-profit and are owned by its members. My credit union has excellent, personal service and very low rates.

dflem Arizona
08/11/12 7:42 pm

None, debt is dumb, cash is king!!

Comet? Tennessee
08/11/12 6:03 pm

Ascend FCU recommended by Dave Ramney. 

08/11/12 2:36 pm

Hate credit, loans, and people who judge me for my money or person.

08/11/12 11:59 am

Don't know what credit union is actually.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/11/12 11:25 am

Navy Federal Credit Union. No wonder we're red.

08/11/12 11:09 am

My credit union gives out donuts... What do you think I'm gonna say?

scottstots Georgia
08/11/12 11:00 am

I use both. I prefer CU's, but use bank for ATM access. Car loans, CD's, small loans, any extra cash goes to CU

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/11/12 10:44 am

Credit union. Better interest rates, better service, better online tools, less fees. What's not to like?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
08/11/12 10:36 am

I think it's funny that AL is saying banks, because almost everyone in N. AL belongs to a credit union. I belong to two!

ryno Flyover Country
08/11/12 10:08 am

Credit unions seem better because they don't have to follow the same laws and regulations as banks. The government ties banks hands behind their backs and credit unions don't worry about anything.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/11/12 10:05 am

Banks have many branches ,easy to bet to .

lmurder MDK
08/11/12 9:53 am

My money likes to sit it banks.

truth1 Florida
08/11/12 9:41 am

Banks killed my father, and raped my mother!

forallepsilon Fullerton
08/11/12 9:36 am

Schools First Federal Credit Union has been amazing. Citi seemed to enjoy screwing me over with fees but once I made the switch, I was so glad I did and never went back.

snafu Washington
08/11/12 9:05 am

I worked for one of America's biggest banks for 7 years and I hated their policies and sales goals and that's why I ended up leaving.
It's scary how greedy banks are and the ways they'll get more of your money in fees and products "you need".

08/11/12 8:43 am

I have a bank and my sister has a credit union. I'm actually considering to switch.

sohuser California
08/11/12 8:39 am

Neither I have a safe and my home defense system my rifles.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
08/11/12 8:19 am

I use a bank. I hear there's a lot of benefits to having a credit union. The credit union my friend belongs to has only 1 ATM, so that's kind of inconvenient...but some ATMs are free for him, and not for me with PNC Bank. I live in PA, I know there are PNC's in most surrounding states, which is good

08/11/12 8:19 am

We need to switch all our money to credit unions. It will end these huge banks lying, cheating and stealing from us.

08/11/12 8:09 am

Never had an issue with my credit union? They were more than helpful when I had an issue with an old cell phone company that kept charging me. Actually reimbursed me that day. After the crap BofA and wells Fargo pulled... Glad I stuck with the CU

08/11/12 7:58 am

Love my credit union. They r VERY personable AND helpful.

08/11/12 7:54 am

They don't charge you for stupid things and it's much easier accessing their website

08/11/12 7:53 am

my old bank was charging me for the stupidest things, plus their website gave me the hardest time everytime I tried to balance my checkbook. My sister uses a credit union, and since I don't drive, it was more convient to join. It's much nicer now. CONT

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
08/11/12 7:24 am

Credit unions... Hardly any fees and they offer better service. They treat you like a member not a customer.

08/11/12 7:11 am

credit unions offer more personal service and better rates. banks offer more variety and more national service

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/11/12 7:07 am

Whichever offers better rates, better service, and lower fees. That's almost always a credit union, if you qualify. If not, there are some online banks and brokerages that offer similar services at competitive rates. I'm sticking with my credit union.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
08/11/12 6:33 am

Awesome. I've suggested this poll multiple times. Credit union b the way.
Pennsylvania state employee credit union.

Vincere Seattle
08/11/12 6:24 am

@youknowobamasucks, I think your thinking of the wrong kind of Union.

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
08/11/12 5:55 am

"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, but give him a bank and be can rob the world" - Albert Einstein

08/11/12 5:22 am

Credit unions are member owned and did not contribute to the meltdown

08/11/12 5:03 am

Neither really-- scottrade. They have conventional bank accounts as well