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Is proper grammer and spelling importint to you when texting?

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HPisBS now north
06/15/18 5:16 am

welll maybe not spelling... text is the format for shortening stuff

soflasooner Ft. Lauderdale
06/14/18 1:59 pm

Is proper spelling important when writing questions for this app?

06/14/18 7:45 am

Eh. Not too much with texting.

wildcatfan1993 kentucky
06/14/18 6:15 am

If its just close friends or family its fine as they understand what you're trying to say

06/14/18 7:35 am

I was about to say the same thing but being an asshole and all ;) whom*

sassykenobi Slytherin House
06/13/18 9:05 pm

Nice one, Tony. And yes, it is important to me. I only ever use brb and lol and that's only when I text my boyfriend.

06/13/18 2:30 pm

It depends on who you are testing

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
06/13/18 11:40 am

Up to a point. When autocorrect starts pissing me off, or my fat fingers run amok, I give up. The only person who really cares is my sister, who was a former teacher lol

06/13/18 4:16 am

Grammar and spelling too

susanr Colorado
06/12/18 8:12 pm

Up to a point, both spelling and grammar are important to me in *my own* texts - the same as they are in SOH poll questions and comments, and just about any other *casual* online communication. I don’t usually abbreviate words, and never things like you —> u. I still make mistakes that I miss fixing through sloppy writing & sloppy proofreading.

I am far more relaxed and accepting of spelling and grammar errors in other people’s casual communications, largely because I know there are multiple reasons for them, and frankly I don’t give a crap whether the reason is that the person is typing in a bouncing airport shuttle (as I was last night), or suffering from an autocorrect encounter, or whether English is their 4th language and not their spiffiest, or whether their intelligence is actually rather low. Everybody has something valid to say.

I still don’t like the you —> u construction, though. (And one of my oldest friends has been using it with me for the last 5 days.)


gonzoboy Arizona
06/12/18 1:06 pm

I came here looking for you! I knew I’d find you, so "Hello, dear sir!"...πŸ™‚

For the record, I always strive for proper spelling and grammatical correctness, though I do fall short on occasion. And yes, I can start a sentence with a conjunction (No Strunk and White here!)...😁

gonzoboy Arizona
06/12/18 1:08 pm

Oops! Meant for @TomLaney! 🀨


kyon TN
06/12/18 12:49 pm

Spelling, yes. Grammar, no.

DeathSheep Michigan
06/12/18 12:49 pm

When texting? Not really but I’ll usually correct myself though.

IEatzCookies Alderaan
06/12/18 12:16 pm

god dammit show of hands

RNJen Bay Area USA
06/12/18 9:56 am

Your texts don’t need to be as good as the research paper that you turned in during college, but it would be nice if everyone gave it a once-over before sending. A period or comma can change the entire meaning of a sentence. My aunt writes in all capitals, poor spelling, and with no grammar or punctuation. There are times that I can’t even understand what she is writing. I feel that this is a matter of your ability to have perspective, which can show intelligence. That being said, I’m sure that I’ve messed up several times in this paragraph, and there is a grammar nazi out there ready to get his/her keyboard warrior on. I dont have a degree in English, but I can tell you all about metabolic acidosis if you want😘

katerina13 stuck in the middle
06/12/18 3:31 pm

There are many people on SOH like your Aunt. Sometimes, I have a helluva time trying to determine what they’re saying. Lol!

RNJen Bay Area USA
06/12/18 4:20 pm

It can cross your eyes

06/12/18 9:00 am

That make me laugh

Wisconsin2005 Waukesha
06/12/18 8:06 am

Is proper grammar and spelling important to you when you ask questions?

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
06/12/18 7:56 am

Yes. You should strive to be consistent in the legibility of everything you write, regardless of the medium. The only exceptions to this would be shopping lists or little notes meant only for yourself to read.

gonzoboy Arizona
06/12/18 1:07 pm

I came here looking for you! I knew I’d find you, so "Hello, dear sir!"...πŸ™‚

For the record, I always strive for proper spelling and grammatical correctness, though I do fall short on occasion. And yes, I can start a sentence with a conjunction (No Strunk and White here!)...😁

GeneralCool NH
06/12/18 7:32 am

This question irritates me...but I see what you did there.

06/12/18 7:17 am

Or when posting a poll... *grammar

Cherepaxa Thirdworld and firstworld
06/12/18 6:37 am

As long as it's legible enough for a second-language reader then it's good.

scrpnHOG Arizona
06/12/18 5:01 am

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Quick text with mistakes is understandable. However, there is a line some cross.

ptellini Homosuperior
06/12/18 4:52 am

Absolutely! You can tell a lot from a person by how they text.

TrippyCornflake New Jersey
06/12/18 3:59 am

I see what you did there.

jlong105 Indiana
06/12/18 2:40 am

Texting and posting polls

Spiritof76 USA 1776
06/12/18 1:25 am

Lol. "Importint". But really, proper spelling should be a given with autocorrect. I still use proper grammar while texting, and proofread my text before sending.

chinito Florida
06/12/18 1:21 am

Of curse my hores.

prallen Property and order
06/12/18 12:04 am

Yes, but not to an extreme. I hold myself to a high standard, but not others.

Celadonne ballfield
06/11/18 11:44 pm

I see what you did there 😁

06/11/18 11:14 pm

Hey how’s it goin? Pretty good hbu? I’m alright....what’re ya up to? Nm hbu? Same

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
06/11/18 11:00 pm

Within reason.

You are not being graded on a text, but theres a degree of laziness that is unacceptable.

Henry123 Connecticut
06/11/18 10:23 pm

If they understand what I mean that’s good enough. Can’t stand when people care or correct your grammar when texting. Goes for SOH too

Annabelle41 Michigan
06/11/18 9:47 pm

Always do it incorrect but misspellings are the worst. ugg

06/11/18 9:16 pm

Sawy, meant 2 say, GRAMAR are 4 the lozers. BRUH. LMAO HAHA kk bye?!

06/11/18 9:12 pm

Yes, absolutely. But I have no problem with acronyms, emojis, and slang—it’s not an email!

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
06/11/18 8:58 pm

Yeth, fairy impertinot

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
06/11/18 8:51 pm

Semi... it depends on who I am texting with and what the subject matter is and how important grammar is to them.

phalnx Ohio
06/11/18 8:51 pm

Not vitally important...I'm a bit lax with my Capitalizations, and sometimes I lose track of what Person and Tense I'm in. I'm usually pretty distracted.

06/11/18 8:40 pm

I just spell “normal” words right, but I spell “boy” like “boi” or “thick” like “thiccc”, etc.

06/11/18 8:07 pm

Not really. For something as informal as texting my opinion is if I can correct it, I can read it.

06/11/18 8:04 pm

I don't like this

EarlyBird Portland
06/11/18 8:02 pm

Know it’s knot important two me.

EarlyBird Portland
06/11/18 8:15 pm

Rats! I blew it.

cato Santa Barbara, California
06/11/18 7:41 pm

Writing yes, email yes,

bower8899 ...
06/11/18 7:39 pm

Nice one πŸ˜‚