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ctskapski June 12th, 2018 12:26am

Matcha is a powdered green tea, mixed into water (or milk) and drank hot or cold. Being mixed in instead of steeped in, it is significantly stronger than steeped green tea.

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Domino3 Abolish the ATF
06/11/18 10:30 pm

Girlfriend loves I️t. I️ don’t see the appeal.

JDoe Its a gift
06/11/18 9:18 pm

I use it in baking and the family likes it.

ctskapski x
06/11/18 9:58 pm

What do you bake with it, if I may ask?

JDoe Its a gift
06/12/18 5:34 am

Several recipes for cookie type things but the best is a coffee cake I got for a New York Times recipe.

ctskapski x
06/12/18 11:18 am

That sounds good. I'd probably substitute the raspberry for something which better complements the matcha, though.

JDoe Its a gift
06/12/18 1:07 pm

No. In fact, I go heavier on the raspberries than listed. It good, not too sweet, and is really easy.

ctskapski x
06/11/18 6:05 pm

It has a cleaner taste, if anything, than many other teas, and takes to sweetening as well as any other.

phalnx Ohio
06/11/18 5:28 pm


Atook alunda Lana 😍

phalnx Ohio
06/11/18 5:44 pm

And he'll probably outlive all of them, and he was the best actor by far :p. Name one other Beatle that could've pulled Caveman off.

ctskapski x
06/11/18 6:00 pm

RINGO couldn't pull Caveman off, lol.