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ladyniner81 I need chocolate
06/13/18 8:10 am

When I get mad. I tend to keep my emotions in and when they come up I act like a little drama queen. I really need anger management before I really really embarrass myself 😁

snagglepuss Story Time
06/13/18 8:30 am

I used to be a bottle but now I let it go as it comes. It’s a lot healthier.

alkie New York
06/11/18 5:34 pm

I’m the opposite, I’m underdramatic

bartman71 USW
06/14/18 2:19 am

Same. Sometimes at inopportune moments.

bartman71 USW
06/14/18 5:33 am

Not really. I just feel bad.

snagglepuss Story Time
06/14/18 5:35 am

Well, you can’t be anyone but you.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/11/18 12:40 pm

Never seriously, sometimes just for play. Like when it is 80+ degrees and I say I'm melting. I'm not really melting. Dying probably, but not melting.

snagglepuss Story Time
06/11/18 4:38 pm

It feels like you are melting when you are dripping sweat.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/11/18 4:56 pm

I really, really don’t like sweating. It feels like an emergency system, and when it kicks in I take it seriously. Must find A/C and/or ice NOW!

snagglepuss Story Time
06/11/18 5:10 pm

I spent the day with my Mom and her boyfriend. I keep my A/C at 74. They didn’t have their A/C on. It was 82 in their house. I was so hot I cranked the A/C in my car until I was frozen haha.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/11/18 6:10 pm

My parents keep the house way too warm in summer too. 80+. There's just no good reason for that.

snagglepuss Story Time
06/11/18 9:07 pm

It makes me groggy and miserable

06/11/18 11:40 am

Maybe underdramatic

shygal47 Florida east coast
06/11/18 6:43 am

Yeah - runs in the family ... a family of thwarted thespians.

imanag My heaven on Earth
06/11/18 6:05 am

Not anymore, but I was like a super over dramatic teenager!!

snagglepuss Story Time
06/11/18 6:45 am

Tell who isn’t?