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iceberg124 June 10th, 2018 10:50pm

Did Kendrick Lamar deserve to win a Pulitzer Prize?

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CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
06/10/18 4:02 pm

Did? You mean he won it? For what?

06/10/18 4:10 pm

Or maybe the Beatles, Sinatra, you know people who’ve greatly influenced the music world

AdamStephens West Virginia
06/10/18 4:12 pm

Why do you care about it all of a sudden, this was months ago.... Wait, did Kendrick Lamar say something about trump you don't like?

06/10/18 4:14 pm

Nice deflection. The accepting of the prize was just shown on TV 15 mins ago

Axl752 NY
06/10/18 4:27 pm

Sinatra? I thought you were a child. Sinatra was like 70 years ago.

AdamStephens West Virginia
06/10/18 4:36 pm

No, he accepted it a week ago, I made a poll 2 months ago... What did he say that upset you Goldberg?

Axl752 NY
06/10/18 4:38 pm

Yeah goldberg... why so much hate?

06/10/18 4:43 pm

I’m just naming influential musicians who have been snubbed. Paul McCartney is still alive, he can get it. And as far as the timing, not sure why local news would show him accepting the prize today, i didn’t pay much attention a month ago

AdamStephens West Virginia
06/10/18 4:46 pm

Do you think these are Oscars or something Bert? Had you ever heard of a Pulitzer for music before? Seriously did Fox news tell you to be upset about this?

06/10/18 4:52 pm

Yes it’s the one which has never been awarded to a rock musician before despite rock being the dominating music category for 50 years

AdamStephens West Virginia
06/10/18 4:54 pm

It's not a popularity contest, it's decided by someone else on their own criteria.

Axl752 NY
06/10/18 5:38 pm

If it were awarded to a white musician goldy would have no issues

YouWish Michigan
06/10/18 5:46 pm

Jesus, shut the fuck up, let him have his fucking opinion you cunt

Axl752 NY
06/10/18 6:14 pm


YouWish Michigan
06/10/18 6:16 pm

Nah, just tired of the left using the same excuse

Axl752 NY
06/10/18 6:17 pm

Nah you just triggered... snowflake

YouWish Michigan
06/10/18 6:19 pm

Alright man, say what you want

Axl752 NY
06/10/18 6:29 pm

Thanks cunt

Kyle5 TN
06/11/18 12:14 am

Who cares? All these awards shows are dogs shit anyway.