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Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/09/18 3:27 pm

It’s a fish that isn’t a salmonid, so maybe not quite as healthy as a nice fat trout or plate of smoked salmon, but no more unhealthy than perch, bass, or walleye, or anything else you might find at a neighborhood fish fry.

snagglepuss Story Time
06/09/18 3:16 pm

It’s omega 3 to omega 6 ratio can lead to inflammation.

Some farming practices, especially China, may not be healthy.


Texas1 location
06/09/18 3:01 pm

It’s alright, but it’s use in fish farms makes me not want to eat them

06/09/18 1:09 pm

If they are from China they probably aren’t as healthy as they would be raised somewhere like the US

benseth naturalist
06/09/18 1:39 pm

I’ve heard that pollution is only one factor. Supposedly they also have higher amounts of the “bad” fatty acids.

zimmy Florida
06/09/18 11:39 am

I heard it’s terrible

benseth naturalist
06/09/18 11:41 am

If that’s how you look at it, sure, and you’re opinion is welcomed. You could also use data of one thing to compare to another thing that is generally accepted to be healthy. This can still be considered an opinion but it could be one grounded in truth or experience for the benefit of your health, which is also quantifiable but not clearly defined.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
06/09/18 12:07 pm

Well even the most 'health driven people die, what is the metric to use?

benseth naturalist
06/09/18 1:35 pm

In this case, possibly the amount of the different types of fatty acids in the fish and the effect that those fatty acids have on cholesterol.

benseth naturalist
06/09/18 1:37 pm

Oh and no one gets out of this life alive.