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polster2 June 9th, 2018 10:58am

President Trump said Friday that Russia should be allowed to participate in the G7 summit. This comes after Russia was punished by the US and several European countries for annexing Crimea and supporting pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine. Thoughts?

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TimWalsh Dalton Pennsyvania
06/09/18 7:27 am

The more Russia is isolated from other countries the more rouge it will become.

chinito Florida
06/10/18 10:52 am

It’s the other way around, the more rouge they’ll become the more isolated they will get.

tractorman Oklahoma
06/09/18 5:28 am

Pee-pee tape !!!!

Jazzy5 USA
06/09/18 5:04 am

I don’t care if they are there or not!

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
06/09/18 4:41 am

Simple question for our president, why Russia? The G7 is about the largest economies in the world. China, India and Brazil have larger economies than Russia. So, Mr President, why not them? Why Russia?

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
06/09/18 4:01 am

I thought these group Summits were about the wealthiest countries in the world I don't see how Russia's bad behavior at on other fronts should affect their ability to come to the summit.