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TimWalsh June 9th, 2018 3:37am

One of the fundamental disagreements in American politics is what the government’s role should be. Do you believe in a big government to create stability through regulation and enforcement or a small government to maximize freedom?

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06/10/18 9:01 am

Strong states, just enough federal government to hold the states together

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/09/18 1:24 pm

Regulations and enforcement - to maximize freedom. Without them, freedom lasts only as long as it takes for someone bigger to show up and take them away.

phalnx Ohio
06/08/18 9:15 pm

Big Government. We've seen the results of Small Government and no regulations in the 19th century...society ultimately devolves into a few super-rich people like Rockefeller and Carnegie, and the rest have the 'freedom' to slowly starve to death if they don't get their limbs chopped off in an unsafe factory first.

06/09/18 3:49 am

And we have seen the results of big government, ala the Obama administration; pitiful and corrupt

TimWalsh Dalton Pennsyvania
06/09/18 7:14 am

I think comparing the 19th century and today are rather unfair comparisons simply due to the huge shift in how labor is done people no longer become massively rich by leading companies in which some level of intense manual labor is required by their workers. Today’s economy is built more by desk jobs and high skill positions. A second point would be that the current government has become such a mess due to the the heavy regulation of every aspect of life. I would prefer a country in which people would not be forced, for example, to take down buildings and stop using portions of their own land because it was discovered that some kind of endangered frog or something was living on their property.

phalnx Ohio
06/09/18 7:30 am

'Their own land' that has existed for billions of years before some people formed a government and exchanged a few scraps of paper, declaring it their land.

You never know...that endangered frog might hold the cure to Cancer or Alzheimer's. What we do know is that money comes and goes.

phalnx Ohio
06/09/18 7:34 am

Oh lj, if you want to see a big, corrupt government, you're looking in the wrong place...try the Bush Jr. Administration. He added a whole new layer of bureaucracy...the Dept. of Homeland Security..., declared a war that wasn't paid for by taxes ('cause that would have been unpopular, though responsible), and profiteered mightily off the unnecessary conflict with Iraq (see Haliburton).

What did Obama do that was so corrupt by comparison? Solyndra? 😂