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mtdewbob June 8th, 2018 12:57am

Cadillac health insurance plan, do you know what they were and do you know why they do not exist anymore? 😳

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mtdewbob Arizona
06/08/18 5:57 am

I can hardly believe the results of this polling question. One of the key factors of the Obama healthcare plan was the elimination of all Cadillac healthcare plans. Only about 45% thus far understand or know what a Cadillac health care plan is. That I find difficult to believe and rather frustrating🙄

mtdewbob Arizona
06/07/18 6:02 pm

When I retired after 25 years in 2014. Long after Obamacare took effect I had what’s called a Cadillac Health Insurance plan with a one time deductible of $40. President Obama with Obamacare eliminated all Cadillac plans. In 2003 I shattered my left foot which cost $30,000 to repair, I paid $40 that was it. I could see any doctor, anywhere, anytime and pay a $40 co-pay, after that for every time I seen any doctor for the same reason I paid nothing, a big $0.

06/07/18 8:13 pm

Yeah but someone was paying for all that virtually free care you got.

mtdewbob Arizona
06/08/18 12:15 am

Yes someone was, my employer Lucent Technologies, it was in the union contract that all parties signed and agreed too. Lucent Technologies wanted quality employment that’s what they got but for premium.

06/08/18 7:24 am

Yeah, but where are they now?