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PamGH June 7th, 2018 7:15pm

Mesa, AZ: I find so much of this kind of stuff I just can’t post it all, but this one looks pretty bad. What video and comment, if you like, on the officers behavior and what should now happen.

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06/07/18 4:48 pm

The department has said they’re changing their policies. Ya think?

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
06/07/18 4:12 pm

I mean, this isn't the worst one I've seen. There were two guys and their actions are very telling. One guy did what he was told and was fine. The other didn't, and look what happened.

Did the police use excessive force? I think so. They went overboard. But they weren't asking him to do anything ridiculous, just sit down. Not very difficult.

shygal47 Florida east coast
06/07/18 3:36 pm

Repeat performance for Mesa, AZ. Something deeper at work there... is pathological behavior contagious?

ctskapski x
06/07/18 2:31 pm

Body cameras are necessary for protection of upstanding members of the police force as well as upstanding members of the public.

Texas1 location
06/07/18 2:07 pm

What I see here is a perfect example of how you can expect to be treated base on your actions. The guy on the right did what he was told and didn’t get his ass beat. The guy on the left did something that wasn’t gonna fly and got KTFO.
Ima watch again, I’m sure he did something

Texas1 location
06/07/18 2:14 pm

I watched again, he was resisting. Those crying excessive force need to realize someone resisting while surrounded by that many officers is a scary situation, just a fraction of a second he could obtain one of the officers firearm, there’s plenty to choose from, unless this was an unarmed secured area. Even then, beat down looked justified to me.