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kscott516 June 7th, 2018 7:08pm

Have you been following the story about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Pakistani IT staffer she hired?

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kscott516 Masks fail
06/07/18 2:12 pm

Not a single Dem following, huh?

06/07/18 2:14 pm

To be fair, I don’t think anyone outside of right leaning talk radio is covering this. Maybe Fox but I can’t speak to that because I gave up the cable news. Where did you hear about it?

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
06/07/18 4:56 pm

Not covering legit news is Fake News.

I still believe there is opportunity for a news agency that stands on their unbiased reporting.

06/07/18 5:20 pm

I believe that as well. I believe you are going to see a shift back to the way reporting was and was designed to be. I think it may take another election cycle or two but both sides are going to rebel and demand better.

06/07/18 1:34 pm

Yes, the (Awan) brothers?

kscott516 Masks fail
06/07/18 2:01 pm

Yes, though no one knows who the other 4 are. It’s suspected they didn’t exist.

06/07/18 2:13 pm

I thought they flew the coop. I hear them mention it on Howie Carr all the time.

kscott516 Masks fail
06/07/18 3:55 pm

Only Imran was caught. Seems odd that only 1 of 5 could be found.

06/07/18 1:27 pm

I had forgotten all about that! Thanks for the reminder!

Let’s see:
* Wasserman Schultz and the tech spy
* Fake Trump dossier
* Clinton email server
* Tarmac Summit
...What am I missing?... (besides Bengazi)?

Trump: an affair with a Porn Star, vulgar language in a video, and generally insensitive tweets...

Someone’s got their finger on the scales of justice in this country.

kscott516 Masks fail
06/07/18 2:02 pm

Comey has been tapped to be the scapegoat. They’re going to turn on him to make it appear he acted alone to protect the higher targets. He just realized it in his interview with Anderson Cooper. He got played. We’ll see if it makes him testify against them or not. He may get suicided.

Jazzy5 USA
06/07/18 12:12 pm

A House Office of Inspector General cybersecurity investigation found that Awan made “unauthorized access” to House servers, including the House Democratic Caucus’ shortly before the election, Wasserman Schultz became “frantic, not normal,” “making the rounds” to House officials in an attempt to kill the investigation, one House employee told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

06/07/18 12:40 pm

Debbie does DC.

Jazzy5 USA
06/07/18 12:45 pm

Gets better:
In what may be one of the most remarkable conflicts of interest that we have seen in a long time, it appears that Steven Wasserman, Assistant Attorney for the District of Columbia who is the brother of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has been tasked with overseeing the investigation of DNC IT employee Imran Awan, who was arrested earlier this week while attempting to flee the US and charged with bank fraud.

06/07/18 1:14 pm

No Deep State. No swamp. Move along. 不不不

Jazzy5 USA
06/07/18 1:41 pm

Change your channel!

kscott516 Masks fail
06/07/18 2:03 pm

Now imagine that!

06/07/18 4:09 pm

We need to use the /S for sarcasm on here. I thought the 不不 or the would indicate sarcasm, but I guess it doesn’t. I realize it is more difficult to know when someone is being sarcastic on SOH due to the “variety” of beliefs expressed herein—except for CoffeeNow who is almost always sarcastic and hilarious.

Jazzy5 USA
06/07/18 5:28 pm

If I missed something, I appreciate the help.