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benseth June 7th, 2018 4:19pm

If the “bull in a china shop” theory (wherein the president’s outlandish actions bring attention to effect change) is true, then trump’s pardons (which can only be changed as a constitutional amendment) are ineffective to that end.

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/07/18 7:46 pm

Except in this (or any scenario), Trump is not the bull, he is the steaming patties the bull leaves behind.

benseth 11,780 votes
06/07/18 2:32 pm

So 90% think the pardon power will be unchanged in 10 years but only 40% agree with this statement. I’m guessing the discrepancy is about not thinking trump is a “bull in a china shop”?

commonman1 Peace
06/07/18 9:40 am

Myth Busters did an episode on bulls in a China shop. Myth busted.

benseth 11,780 votes
06/07/18 10:15 am

I get that you just looked it up to gloss over the point. But this is actually something that some trump supporters are grasping at. I think he’s always been an insider in bed with the establishment and he’s just using the optics of being an outsider that “shakes things up” to further their agendas. Prove me wrong.

commonman1 Peace
06/07/18 10:27 am

I don’t have to prove you’re wrong. You have to prove you’re right

benseth 11,780 votes
06/07/18 10:31 am

It’s a figure of speech. It means that I’m asking you to argue your point for or against. We have to clear away all the minute details of the semantics before we can even acknowledge the question? C’mon

benseth 11,780 votes
06/07/18 10:35 am

I’m not trying to trick you into some got ya politics. I’m not playing games. I’m looking for real opinions on all sides while expressing my opinions also. If you don’t want to do this...fine. And if you don’t agree with the premise or language of the question, then don’t answer it.

benseth 11,780 votes
06/07/18 2:35 pm

I’m sorry I said something about supreme leader