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Show Of Hands July 9th, 2011 12:00am

Have you had an alcoholic drink in the past week?

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07/24/11 8:45 am

Daniel Radcliffe had ten in the past hour

07/22/11 12:12 am

I'm sorry @masterc, once you get off the medication go get yourself a cold one and drink up! Now please excuse me while I go get another from the fridge... Or I'll just call my wife... Yeah, that'll be easier lol

masterc California
07/21/11 2:41 am

I can't because of some medication I'm on 

07/18/11 12:45 am

What a coincidence!!! I have one in my hand right now! Gtg Drink:)

lagniapppe Louisiana
07/14/11 9:33 pm

@jonmfsmith hahahaha touché... harsh, but touché.

veritas1 Panda
07/14/11 10:15 am

@Jonmfsmith. Don't go there......I'm warning you....

07/14/11 2:49 am

I see similarities, texans= red neck, west Virginian= hilly Billy, kind of similar I'd hafta say, or how bout Texas= drug smuggling west Virginia= moon shining lol

07/14/11 2:45 am

What's a Texan doing making jokes about a west virginian for?

jkg Missouri
07/13/11 10:39 pm

I'm not old enough so... No I haven't

lagniapppe Louisiana
07/13/11 12:19 am

People...diff'rent stokes for diff'rent folks. When I was a baby, my dad would dip his fingers in southern comfort, I'd suck on them & fall right asleep. You may be revolted; but now I'm 25, happily married, career, healthy, rarely drink. Good, bad or weird, it's an endearing memory in my family.

veritas1 Panda
07/13/11 12:00 am

@kenny12. If you are talking about the kanye quote.... I don't agree with that. Sorry. If it's about to kill you, it probably ISN'T making you stronger.

07/12/11 11:30 pm

I'm not 21 so no i have but with the cop next door I don't wanna risk it. And people you only get sick or liver cancer if you drink non stop a beer or two a day is actually proven for adults to relieve stress, keep you regular, and it has health benefits but it can be bad for you too

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/12/11 10:16 pm

@veritss I finally agree with you miracles upon miracles

07/12/11 3:31 pm

I swear, some of you guys need to lighten up. Yeah, we know it's a poison. We also don't care. Because we drink every now and then and therefore are more open minded. Learn to open your eyes to new things. You won't get rape, die from alcohol poisoning, or lose your stomach because of a beer. :)

07/12/11 3:24 pm

I'm under 21. Who doesn't drink every now and then. Know when to stop, put your keys away, and don't get into drinking competitions.

07/12/11 10:33 am

Drinking is like owning a car. Doing so isn't bad, but what you chose to do with it may be.

07/12/11 1:29 am

Most teens drink under age for the rush of what will happen, were dumb that way but we will have to learn from our mistakes to make us better people

veritas1 Panda
07/11/11 10:43 pm

@itabliss. PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIVE IN WEST VIRGINIA! that's news to me. Anyway.... a wise man once said "that that don't kill me can only make me stronger"

Itabliss Hello
07/11/11 6:41 pm

I'm really shocked at the whole "alcohol will kill you" mentality that the under 21 crowd seems to happen. I'm not trying to say any of you should go out and get hammered, but chances are you will someday. However, it isn't quite the demon I keep reading about. All things in moderation, kids.

Itabliss Hello
07/11/11 6:30 pm

Carter>> Why would you think they wouldn't?

07/11/11 4:46 pm

crap, this is sad that under 21 people drink

07/11/11 9:18 am

I don't drink on a regular basis but I did have a couple on the 4th which was one week ago

07/11/11 1:23 am

1/2 shot of St Germain in my lemonade not really.

Jut347 Georgia
07/10/11 10:41 pm

No if you don't count at church.

veritas1 Panda
07/10/11 5:00 pm

@cajoca8. It is insane!! That's why I pointed it out. In Texas, a two year, or ANYONE UNDER 21 can drink as much as their parents let them in their house. It's ridiculous!!!

Zack100 Tatooine
07/10/11 2:21 pm

Does wine at mass count? When I turn 21 my first drink will be either wine or margarita!

07/10/11 2:18 pm

@veritas... yeah idk peoples day lives are way different then there night Ive met people that many would believe didn't drink and see them at paties drinking the most and that law is crazy I'd understand it for an 18 year old but 2 is insane

veritas1 Panda
07/10/11 12:18 pm

In Texas, it is perfectly legal for a 2-year-old to have alcohol if the parents give consent and it is in their residence....

Idiot lawmakers

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
07/10/11 11:58 am

Might make sense to redo this poll next week. I had a beer at a 4th of July picnic. Haven't drank since.

veritas1 Panda
07/10/11 11:36 am

@cajoca8 Actually I've been to some of THOSE parties. Maybe it's just the group of people I hang out with, but when offered some, NO ONW had any. Even the person offering backed down. I know a lot do, but not as many as adults think. It is the few that everyone hears about that drown out the many...

07/10/11 11:33 am

@veritas... you are very wrong my friend most teens chose to drink and when it's parties they do it against the law it adds a certain vibe to them it's more exciting

polarized Tennessee
07/10/11 9:48 am

commenter can't handle his liquor.

PresidentDonald Washington D.C.
07/10/11 9:18 am

The people in the age section had alchol under 21!!!!

But then again ive had beer and im 12

07/10/11 1:02 am

Drinking alcohol ruins lives. Maybe not yours, but your loved ones'. Unless, of course, you have control when you drink. Then you are just killing yourself.

07/10/11 12:41 am

Iyam drunking rite know!!!!! (hiccup)

veritas1 Panda
07/09/11 9:00 pm

Anyway, now that is cleared up, Underage drinking may be a problem (it is), I am pretty sure many of the votes of people <21 are lies and were chosen as a joke. I know A LOT of kids do drink (that's really bad) But it is not as many as we are held responsible for. Most kids obey the law!

veritas1 Panda
07/09/11 8:56 pm

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07/09/11 8:50 pm

I'm having one right now!

veritas1 Panda
07/09/11 8:48 pm

@meh. What the h*ll is that supposed to mean?

fgvggfb New York
07/09/11 8:43 pm

I almost drank some kerosene when I thought it was apple juice

07/09/11 6:56 pm

I'm underaged, for goodness sake!

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
07/09/11 4:58 pm

Dems and independents are 6% more likely to party it up... Awesome

07/09/11 2:58 pm

I have never had an alcoholic drink in my entire life.

07/09/11 2:49 pm

Alcohol is death for the body. haha. I do support drinking wine though for the anti oxidants and other health benefits.