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mtdewbob June 5th, 2018 11:51pm

Four former NFL cheerleaders suing the NFL for equal pay. 🤔 The average pay of an NFL cheerleader is generally between $70 to $90 per game. Do you feel these women should or should not sue the NFL for equal pay?

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missmorganmarie ...
06/06/18 6:32 pm

don't be a cheerleader if you don't agree with the pay scale

06/05/18 9:53 pm

People complaining about a $15 minimum wage for burger flippers are here defending half naked women because the actual players get paid more? Ironic

AnarchoCowboy Back 4 Now
06/05/18 7:29 pm

No, they just should have not accepted the job if it ain't worth it.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
06/05/18 6:41 pm

They shouldn’t get equal pay, but they should get more than that. With practices and games they put in a lot of time.

06/05/18 6:38 pm

Equal pay? No...better pay? Maybe they should demand it from the league. But let’s be realistic here, they are not going to be paid what a player is and I’m sure they can find a job somewhere else that pays better...

knetzere Illinois
06/05/18 5:14 pm

I thought they always touted their careers outside of the stadium and reminisced about how much of an honor it was to cheer

Diogenes FreeMeBe
06/05/18 5:14 pm

Pro choice! For occupations.

06/05/18 5:05 pm

I think they should find new jobs

ctskapski x
06/05/18 5:03 pm

In court of law? I don't know if they actually have grounds, they're technically not necessary to the function of the game, just an added gimmick.

I do think they should get more than. 90$ per game, that seems an unfair wage.

Unfortunately without a suit it's not likely to increase, given that other girls will just come in to replace them, since it's a rather glamorized position.

mtdewbob Arizona
06/05/18 4:56 pm

This question has actually been going on for years. These women are actually making below minimum wage when taking into account the preparation for a game and the game itself. With the billions and billions of dollars the NFL brings in each year from television revenue, attendance and clothing sales one would think the NFL should treat these women with the respect deserved and equally pay them.