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dylandoggylover June 5th, 2018 10:44pm

Should a business be able to deny service if the request violates or conflicts the owner's religious beliefs?

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mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
06/11/18 4:29 pm

Religion beliefs to not give you the right to hate.

Suzan Hawaii
06/06/18 2:55 am

Even restaurants have the right to refuse service. And they’re not even talking religious believes.

Kyle5 TN
06/05/18 10:44 pm

Private? Then yes.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
06/05/18 9:13 pm

"We reserve the right to refuse service"

Or more humorously written:
"No shoes, no shirt... no service
No shit!"


snagglepuss Story Time
06/05/18 4:22 pm

If America starts dancing on egg shells around everyone’s religion we will be going out of business left and right.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
06/05/18 4:07 pm

Yes. Anything else is fascist

PhxLibertarian Republic of Dave
06/05/18 3:47 pm

The business owner gets to decide what products and services they will offer.

JustHarry FL
06/06/18 5:20 am

Yes, every store now needs to have a sign posted outside. No shoes, no Jews, no blacks, no Muslims, no gays, White Christians served here only! Isn’t America great again.

PhxLibertarian Republic of Dave
06/06/18 6:40 am

Harry, that is a complete mischaricterization. The baker would sell ready made goods to anyone. He is choosing what custom orders he will and won't do.

Are you aware that a baker in Colorado had a complaint filed against them for refusing to make a cake with two grooms and a large red circle with a slash through it over them. It also cited a bible passage. That baker didn't want to take on that custom order and won the discrimination complaint.

We can't let the fact that we disagree with the baker influence our conclusion. Any business owner has the right to refuse custom requests.