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ctskapski x
06/05/18 12:45 pm

Very likely fake.

First, the opening letters are put there to excuse why it doesn't stand up to testing: it has been "re-written" over and over. This is clever, but clearly just intended to lend fake credibility.

Second, if one looks at the table of runes, one clearly sees Arabic numerals.
This book is claimed to have been written in the third millennium BC, which is significantly before the founding of Arabic culture.
Even if the argument is that the arabs learned decimal counting from Europe, the primary counting systems were runic, letter based (like Hebrew), pentimal, and Roman numeral.
Of these, Roman Numerals and Pentimal Numerals are the closest resembling a decimal system, and neither is even close to resembling Arabic Numerals.

Pretty clearly fake.

Which is absurd because it's a book of folklore, being passed off as authentic. Why? Even if it is authentic, it's just folklore.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
06/05/18 1:32 pm

The link in the question nor the link you gave will open for me, sorry

ctskapski x
06/10/18 2:05 am

Sorry about that, let me see if I can fix it.