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NexusBlue California
06/05/18 2:38 pm

Jamie has a GREAT voice. Great control. He originally started out studying opera but that lifestyle was too strict - he said he was too laid back for that career choice ! Sort of went into neo-blues, swamp rock...
Try listening to Preacher ( used in Justified )

and Lead Me Home ( used in The Walking Dead )

You might have heard him in : movies,( Worth Your While - to name one ) video games ( Karma used in Battlefield ) Season 4 promo of Game of Thrones, Sam Adams commercials ( Jungle ) amongst other things...
His fans are waiting for a new release REAL soon.....
Give him a listen if you enjoy music. 🎡 🎢🎡 🎢🎡 🎢
Plus he is a cutie.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
06/11/18 3:29 pm

I’d never heard of him, but I’m really impressed. That Walking Dead song is good, I love his voice.

NexusBlue California
06/12/18 11:43 am

Yea , most people are pretty impressed by him - he just hasn't really put himself out there. Thanks for listening !!