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TCheyenne June 4th, 2018 7:20am

Socialists oppose independent, morally strong, educated people because those individuals, especially in groups, can’t be manipulated easily.

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shiculka transvaccinated
06/05/18 6:52 am

Sounds more like a Communist strategy.

SupremeDolphin They.them
06/04/18 7:48 am

Lol liberating the masses =/= controlling the masses

Xemanis Lawful Good
06/04/18 11:25 pm

Yeah, that's why most people don't like socialism.

06/04/18 6:54 am

Yes and no. The communists strategy has always been to kill off the population that would oppose them, which usually included a large portion of the education population. Communists then would provide education, but only the education they wanted the people have. So when my missionary friends visited Armenia after communism fell, they found that everyone was educated (many had doctorates in the sciences and engineering), but no one had been educated in things like leadership, so they really struggled.

cowboy Proud Father
06/04/18 5:44 am

Or they commit genocide like every good Socialist/Communist.

bower8899 ...
06/04/18 12:59 am

I thought that was the GOP 😉

Think Lovin Life
06/04/18 6:25 am

Bow ... yep, refreshing isn’t it! It’s just like most of the truth that you must face rather than the leftist lies of the oppressive Democrats, that you prefer.