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Do you do volunteer work regularly?

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larnise Tulsa, Oklahoma
06/16/18 12:35 am

I want to, but every time I try to join an organization as a volunteer (stuff like the humane society), I put in an application, and then never hear back from them.

Laserbeam Back soon
06/05/18 6:34 am

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Annabelle41 Michigan
06/04/18 10:01 pm

Used to before I got cancer then had to quit. Worked for a food depot at our church.

mommamia illinois
06/04/18 8:40 pm

I volunteer for a sexual assault hotline on a weekly basis. I also volunteer at my church in various capacities.

06/04/18 4:13 pm

I used to at my Church, kids school and anything that involved my kids.

peenmaster New Jersey
06/04/18 12:42 pm

I had done none but I needed 60 by December so I did 52 in three weeks and faked 20

crazyjane New Jersey
06/04/18 11:48 am

During the summer yes. 3x a week at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for NJ

06/04/18 11:39 am

If you can call caring for my aged and sick mother volunteering, then yes I am. I have volunteered in the past but life doesn't allow me much time to do volunteering these days.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
06/04/18 9:47 am

I used to serve quite extensively in the churches we attended and then later in those we pastored. I’m no longer able to do that, due to my health issues, and I REALLY miss it!


ptellini GET OVER HERE
06/04/18 7:48 am

I serve at church whenever I am needed.

Think Lovin Life
06/04/18 7:25 am

Yes, 3.5 hours on Tuesday and 6 hours on Wednesday.

APpolls2K19 Wisconsin
06/04/18 5:25 am

Libertarians leading the way

06/04/18 8:36 am

Of course. Cause we go out and help people in the real world instead of stealing other people's money and pretending that's compassion

APpolls2K19 Wisconsin
06/04/18 8:42 am

Damn straight

ronderman North Carolina
06/04/18 5:00 am

3ish hours a week.

BigPhatPastor Jefferson Hills, PA
06/04/18 4:57 am

I find it easier to volunteer in areas that I enjoy. I enjoy food so I volunteer at the local food bank.

karencarter 45246
06/04/18 4:11 am

I volunteer every Saturday with Alzheimer’s patients. Sometimes on rough weeks it’s what I look forward to most. We paint, bake, sing, and sometimes just chat. Currently at home on summer break from school and really missing the residents from the nursing home near school. :/

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
06/04/18 3:07 am

"Yes", I volunteer as a skydiving coach in the sense that I don't make my students pay for my jump ticket.

PB246 California
06/03/18 10:21 pm

I used to a ton but since having a baby I have had a hard time doing this. I grew up doing a lot of volunteer stuff. Recently I was a mentor and advocate for foster youth and loved it. But since having a baby I barely get out of the house. Once my kids are a bit older I hope to do some sort of volunteer activity with them

06/03/18 9:38 pm

Yes. I help trap, spay/neuter, and then release feral cats. I also help socialize cats to go to good homes, and foster kittens!

06/03/18 9:00 pm

Five times in the last four weeks I have volunteered at a ferret shelter 40 miles away. It's good exercise. I fill in when there is a shortage of volunteers.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
06/03/18 8:34 pm

Regularly as in regularly a few times a year? Yeah