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GrandmaALiCE June 3rd, 2018 8:54pm

Professor Viorica Marian tweeted: “I once taught an 8 am college class. So many grandparents died that semester. I then moved my class to 3 pm. No more deaths. And that, my friends, is how I save lives.” Funny or offensive?

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06/04/18 7:43 am

A lot depends on the audience and the circumstances. I can see humor in it

NYevo NY
06/04/18 4:59 am

I dont see a choice for “stupid”, so I chose funny

06/04/18 4:10 am

I find it a little humorous, but that’s probably because I am a college professor, and I taught an 8:30am class. It’s a little funny because it is true. The excuses you get for absences can sometimes be ridiculous.

Elsia Hopeless Wanderer
06/04/18 3:22 am

Har har.
Even if you don’t find this particularly funny, how would it in any way be offensive?

FLAmerican Pensacola
06/03/18 5:57 pm

My ex-roommate used that excuse so many times.

06/03/18 8:25 pm

You don’t get the joke? Or you don’t get the point of the poll? Or something else?

NYevo NY
06/04/18 5:00 am

It’s like saying, “I always rains when I wear socks, so I don’t wear socks anymore”. The idea that something benign that you did somehow had an effect.

06/04/18 5:14 am

The joke implies that students tend to fake a grandparent’s death, to get excused from early morning classes.

NYevo NY
06/04/18 5:16 am

@Grandma- that’s funny. I totally saw it a different way, but your description makes a lot of sense to me as likely true also.

cowboy Proud Father
06/03/18 5:13 pm

I’m not on Twitter so I really don’t get it. Especially from an op-ed from the author.

gow488 Seoul, Korea
06/03/18 4:35 pm

I’ve heard other iterations of this joke before so it’s a bit old now but it’s certainly not offensive.

susanr Colorado
06/03/18 4:29 pm

I don’t find it particularly funny, but I really don’t see how it’s offensive, either. (I skimmed the linked article but didn’t read it closely so I may have missed something.) I noted the groups who might have found it offensive and I didn’t really get why they would - since the article really wasn’t picking on anyone whose relative *did* die; only on those who might have made up a death as an excuse to skip an early class.

And I think I’m pretty sensitive to “jokes” that are distinctly un-funny; more so than most. I bristle pretty often here at negative comments about people not being able to take a “joke” (about something that ought to be humorless to everyone, in my opinion) and have been called names here for my reactions.

(I’m also recalling all the miserably cold walks down a street in Evanston IL to my 8 AM physics class in 1965 with a professor who wasn’t a very good teacher but whose course was integral to the program I was in. Ugh.)


06/03/18 8:38 pm

I’m just curious- why don’t you find this funny?

susanr Colorado
06/03/18 9:24 pm

I found it a little funny, just not a lot. I’m not sure why. Possibly because of what I mentioned above - that I suffered through a whole Chicago-area winter & a somewhat lousy course (although we did use Richard Feynman’s Lectures as an ancillary text, so it had *that* bright spot) at freaking 8 AM and *I* never thought to skip a class with that excuse... so... a bit of sour grapes on my part, maybe? Or maybe because I’m sort of a stick-in-the-mud about lying in general? But if so, why *wouldn’t* I find the professor’s comment funny? I dunno.

Re lying, though... I once called in sick to work (my hospital lab job) on a Monday because I had helped move our household of 6 adults over the weekend & I was truly exhausted. I thought that sounded wimpy though so I said I had “motion sickness.” (Get it? Sick of moving...) Which also sounds pretty wimpy, but what the heck. So I don’t know that that’s any better than making up a dead relative. I still kick myself for that lie.


HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
06/03/18 2:08 pm

It’s neither
But it is what I would consider dumb

06/03/18 2:01 pm

💠 GrandmaAlice asked:

Professor Viorica Marian tweeted: “I once taught an 8 am college class. So many grandparents died that semester. I then moved my class to 3 pm. No more deaths. And that, my friends, is how I save lives.” Funny or offensive?

Funny 😂
Offensive 😡


JustHarry FL
06/03/18 1:59 pm

Neither. Not funny, not offensive.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/03/18 1:57 pm

I can’t figure out a way to make it even seem offensive.

06/03/18 2:02 pm

Me neither.

Read the link. A bunch of people found a way!


4JC Christian Pastors Wife
06/03/18 6:08 pm

That’s ridiculous! And the worst part is that stuff like that leads to this:

“This culture of volatile discourse can have a disproportionate effect across genders and groups. Those likely to be more sensitive to the opinions of others, or to take things more personally and closer to heart, may become less likely to speak up and contribute what they have to say. And when voices that are more measured, more thoughtful, more tentative or from a different walk of life are less likely to participate in public discourse, what is lost is an accurate reflection of society.

This voice silencing matters. If enough voices are extinguished or otherwise opt out of public discourse, the narrative becomes skewed in favor of those who are loudest, more extreme, more belligerent.”

I’ve seen this happen on SOH, where those that were nicer or more timid left the app because others bullied them with their words and they got fed up with it. And we all lose something when that happens, imho.